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how do i take care of my pet potato?

i just got a pet potato but i dont know how to take care of it.

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    eat it

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    Play lots of games with it. It should know how to sit, stay, play dead, and even roll over (though, it may need a bit of a push... pet potatoes don't usually like to roll over on their own).

    Keep it in a dry area to keep it from getting too old too quickly, and it will thank you by sprouting lots of arms and legs!

    But, if you're one of "those" owners (haha) you might try sending it for a trip to the spa! It will likely start to look slightly like a big, brown raisin, if you let it stay for too long... but it would still appreciate a nice oil rub, a salt scrub, and maybe a veggie wrap!

    Unfortunately, most owners can't resist the temptation... what happens next is too gruesome to talk about. Those horrible, horrible people! I'm surprised PETA hasn't pushed to stop this abuse!

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    Make sure you take it for plenty of long walks. They particularly like busy streets and are fond of colours so be sure to use something outlandish for a lead. Whilst on your walk, deep talking to it and call it endearing names, as potatoes love that (e.g. my little spuddy-wuddy) and, since potatoes are hard of hearing (they don't have ears), talk as loudly and clearly as you can. Ensure you keep it well fed and plump. They like sunflower oil or dripping in particular. That said, they also like to take a bath in a big pan of hot oil/dripping.

    Not to be morbid, but when the time comes for your potato to move onto the great garden in the sky, your potato will make great chips/fries/crisps/roasts/mash. It will make better mash if it dies of old age rather than if it is still a new potato, otherwise it will be nice boiled with the skin on.

    Perhaps go to the McCain website for more information on potatoes, how to care for them and what they can become in another life.

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      Oh, and I forgot to mention, be sure to put a jacket on your potato when it's cold out.

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    Cut a hole in it and draw eyes on it,then wish on a a star and a blue fairy will make it come true and it will become alive (still made of potato tho) and it will make friends and soon become a real boy and he will be you son and he will be call pinoch... I mean potatio

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    if you want to take care of it properly you have to make a bed out of soil and pour water over it every day. don t bury it, nudge it into the soil so that it can see light. if you do this the potato wont rot/die for a long time. if you continue this when it has reached the right age, it will have little baby potatoes

    P.S keep it in a dry place try to keep it cool by putting it in the fridge for a bit every day for exercise, well that s only optional

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    1. feed him 2 times a day, breakfast and Dinner

    2. Make sure s/he is hydrated, water him all day

    3. Make sure s/he knows you love them, tell them, snuggle up in a blanket and watch a move late at night (only on weekends of course)

    4. On weekdays make sure s/he goes to bed before 8:00pm, potatoes, especially young need their sleep

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    Potatoes gonna potate

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    3 years ago

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  • 4 years ago

    Its a potato, YOU DON T TAKE CARE OF IT

  • 3 years ago

    It's a ******* potato not your dog you eat it you don't feed them food that look like cookies you ******* idiot

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