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Is my mesurments good? because i feel like a whale?

My arms (tricip,bicep area) is 10 inches

my bust is 33 inches

my waist is 25 inches

my hips is 31.5 inches

my thighs are 18 inches

my wrist is 5.5 inches

What do you all think? Because i feel fat and chunky hut everyone else says im mad so im asking all you people because i know il get a blunt answer..

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    You obviously pre-puberty. You're figure will look better as you age. Once your hips and bust get wider your waist will look smaller in proportion and you'll feel less fat. Don't compare yourself to skinny models, they're not healthy or attractive. Plus, atm, they're all bigger than you anyway.

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  • ict39
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    7 years ago

    Your measurements sound fine to me. Could you be "feeling fat" from putting on some water before your period?

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