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Adarsh asked in SportsCricket · 7 years ago

Regardless of his iconic status,why few people from India dislike Sachin Tendulkar?

Sachin tendulkar is undoubtedly the greatest sportsman to ever represent India.Whether u like it or not there are billions & billions of people who like Sachin & admire his achievements,records & attitude.You dont need to be a sachinist to admire the greatness of sachin tendulkar.He also has a large fanbase outside the country as well.

Throughout his career,yes he hardly faced the situations of getting dropped unlike his other teammates & that also symbolises his consistency & greatness.Yes he was in bad patch here & there but everytime he lost form he had came back strongly.Yes there isn't a big difference comparing his average with other great batsmans of his time but the fact is that he has maintained his longevity & consistency for such a long period.And he has performed in every country he has played,doesn't matter if it is the turning tracks of Asia or the fast & bouncy surfaces of Australia,England,south Africa,etc.Dont think every Tom,dick & Harry can hit 100 centuries if he plays for 20 years.He scores a Ton on an average of 7.76 innings whereas other greats like dravid,Kallis,ponting have taken more than 9

Many people from other countries dislike Sachin because he is not from their country.And when such an asset is from our country,& of course all our countrymen are proud of him,he is also recommended for Bharat ratna(india's highest civilian award),but there are few people who dislike him from his own fellow countrymen.That is because,as I have read everywhere,either they don't watch cricket or they started seeing cricket after IPL stated or few are jealous of his iconic status & achievements that frustration is the only word which could define their opinion on Sachin.He need not be from your country(for non-Indians) but u should have the attitude to admire & appreciate his greatness.Its so easy sitting there & criticising him.Its not easy as talking to out & play to be consistent.

Yes every individual has every right to have an opinion but at the same time he must have "valid reasons" for his opinion.Without "valid reason" if u hate someone then it can be considered as jealously & frustration & nothing else.Some dravid,ganguly & Laxman fans might be jealous of Sachin because their favourite player were forced to retire early whereas Sachin is yet to retire.I being a huge ganguly fan myself know how hard it feels but at the same time the way i see it is that i m so happy to still see sachin playing for his country.So that can't be a reason for u to dislike or hate him by any means.

He did everything for the country.He hit 100 centuries for his nation.He even retired selflessly in ODIs considering that he needed to give way for youngsters in the preparatory phase for the 2015 World Cup.He was there to save the team & wage lone battles whenever his team needed him.Common how can his own people ever have the heart to dislike him?There is no way he can be selfish who plays for personal milestones.Thats biggest non-sense one can ever hear.

He hardly got involved in controversies to be disliked.He remained such a soft-spoken individual throughout his career.His greatness cannot be even meausured.Its a fact that he is the greatest of all batsman but even if u have a different opnion about that,it cant be a reason for u to dislike him.With all this being said,whats the "valid reason" you can give for Ur opinion about him?


Symantak..ha ha great answer but I m not referring to anyone particular here.Question is directly targeting the critics on the greatness of tendulkar.

Update 2:

I m asking a valid reason for Ur opinion in this question.And I m not referring to anyone particular here at all.If u answer like Symantak,then its taken by assumption that u don't have a valid reason to give & that "jealously & frustration" as I mentioned in my question is the actual reason for Ur opinion.

Update 3:

I m asking a valid reason for Ur opinion in this question.And I m not referring to anyone particular here at all.If u answer like Symantak,then its taken by assumption that u don't have a valid reason to give & that "jealously & frustration" as I mentioned in my question is the actual reason for Ur opinion.

Update 4:

CJ-Yes he hasn't been in much form after the World Cup.He Didnt really play any ODIs after the World Cup.He hit a century in his pen-ultimate ODI & a 50 in his last ODI.And India still needs his experience in the team in tests.Yes there is some 'hidden ego' in him these days.He probably praised dhoni about his captaincy as it was he who made him the captain in first place.He also Didnt attend dravid's felicitation party after his retirement in 2012.But u have to see the wider prospect if things.U have to see what he achieved in his first 21 years than what has been happening recently.

Update 5:

RSRD "You don't need to be a sachinist to admire the greatness of Sachin tendulkar"-This statement is taken from Dinith's answer,credits to Dinith for that wonderful statement.

Update 6:

RSRD I think the reason that people dislike him coz he has a very large fan base is lame.He has done so much in his career to justify the fan following he has.And it's good 'being yourself' but sometimes u must see how other people are as well.U can't do whatever u want & just say that u r only 'being urself'.

And Sachin was in the form of his life during 2007-2011.So I disagree with Symantak that he has done nothing of late.Who can forget his 175 against Australia in 2009 at Hyderabad?or 200* against South Africa in Gwalior?These are just few examples.Dont forget he was the leading run scorer for India in World Cup 2011.

Sachin's test average year by year from 2007-2011:

In 2007,he averaged 55 with 2 centuries,6 half-centuries.

In 2008,he averaged 48 with 4 centuries,3 half-centuries.

In 2009,he averaged 67 with 2 centuries,3 half-centuries.

In 2010,he averaged 78 with 7 centuries,5 half-centuries.

In 2011,he averaged 47 with 1 century,5 half-centuries.

Update 7:

So he has hit 16 centuries in tests with an excellent average after 2007.Same goes with the ODIs.Also don't forget that he opted himself out of the international T20s to give more chances for youngsters.Now that's what u call being 'selfless' .

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  • 7 years ago
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    1. Only the ones who either don't like the game at all or a few Non-Indians out of jealousy.

    2. Young generation of express era which hasn't seen/watched Tendulkar at his prime.

    Sachin is a symbol of cricket, be it in India or anywhere. There was a time when the guy rose bigger than the game. From 'Times' to 'Ford'. From F1 (Schumacher) to Lawn Tennis (Pete Sampras, Rafael Nadal). He gave an identity to the cricket where it was unheard of.

    And please, TD doesn't work in my page. All I can give is a TU or nothing.

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  • Ok Adarsh sorry for not going for a long answer. I am not gonna comment on Sachin's achievements. But I;ll address the basic question.

    Fans from every other country back up their iconic players.

    1. Sri Lanka - Every Sri Lankan supported Murali when he was deemed chucker by some umpires and match referees. I have never seen a single Sri Lankan who didn't call Murali the best bowler ever or called him a chucker!

    2.Australia:- Every Aussie supported Ponting and Warne despite of the controversies and non sportsmanship they've shown time to time because they love their heroes. I've never seen a single Aussie who disrespected those players.

    But Sachin is free from controversies! Yet I see quite a few Sachin critics from India

    India should be ashamed of having few Indian fans who cheapen their hero Sachin. Sachin is not just India's hero he is a world class figure.

    The reason for their actions can be various. I get it when someone like Purr Purr does it because he has a double citizenship in India and also Australia. It's a split personality. But if you are an Indian born Indian grown Indian fan you should respect Tendulkar. I get it sometimes Sachin can be and should be criticized. In fact no one is perfect but there should be a limit for that criticism. If you criticize him like the word's worst cricketer then that comment is not coming from a true Indian.

    Edit:- Yes Adarsh and RSRD thank you. yes I said "You don't need to be a sachinist to admire the greatness of Sachin Tendulkar". I think what you mean by Sachinist is a hardcore/ die hard Sachin fan. Mostly Indians are Sachinist like I am a die hard Murali/Sanga fan! I may not be that hard core Sachin fan since I am not an Indian but still I am a fan of him. I admire and respect all his achievements. Even Sir Bradman has done it. I see no reason on earth to hate someone like Sachin. He is the most complete batsman/cricketer ever!

    @Purr/Symantak I am not saying that you are not entitled to your opinion. The way i see it is you have some connection to Australia also so it's ok if you are not a die hard Sachin fan. Anyway an Indian who loves his country should indeed love and admire Sachin too. Bcz Sachin is the person who brought Indian cricket to a whole new level. No other Indian player is even close to the inspiration Sachin had on India.

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  • 7 years ago

    I dont think there are Indians who dislike Sachin though I'm pretty convinced there are a few on this portal trying really hard to defame him.I am not sure if they are Indians.

    But some guys have got a problem admitting his greatness.I remember a lot of people here wanting to see ponting going past Sachin's tally of test hundreds,but he fell short of the target by 10 hundreds and has vanished into oblivion.

    Now there is a new bunch of sceptics who predict Kallis is going to do what Ponting failed to achieve and they have already declared that Kallis is a better batsman than Sachin because his average is a tad above Sachin's.But it only takes a few minutes for a sane individual to dig a bit deeper and realise that Kallis,no matter what,cannot be in the same class as Sachin.

    All you can do is just ignore these morons because they know what they talk is utter nonsense.So they will never listen to you no matter how much you explain to them.

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  • 7 years ago

    I have equal admiration for both Sachin and Dravid, but as I've insisted before, I am convinced that Tendulkar is the better batsman and is one of the best to have played the game. So, I guess this question isn't directed at me.

    But, I've a correction to make.

    "Throughout his career,yes he hardly faced the situations of getting dropped"

    He has in fact, been dropped on a few occasions due to lack or performance, 1998-99 if I remember correctly. Hence, his road was not easy. He also had to compete for his place in the team. Like they are now, even then the critics called for Sachin to face the axe. Sachin is Sachin. He answered them all with his performances and has since then shut their mouths permanently. Now, the critics are a new breed of critics, who are either suffering from amnesia or they haven't been on earth long enough to watch the master at his best.

    Further, critics were also calling for retirement given his body was so prone to injury. Again, his performances were a blow on their faces.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think Sachin in wasting everyones time in India. Cricket is a game which around just 10 countries play, most of which are developing countries. Games like cricket make most Indians waste around 5 days for each match (in its long format). His fans which include almost all indians become quite unproductive for the Economy for such 5 days if Cricket is played 100 days in a year imagine the waste of our nations productive time. Think about the time wasted in discussing him and the match after it is over. India will continue to be a developing county as long as we glorify this game. Sport is a must for entertainment, but shouldn't waste nations time and efficiency.

    Towards Sachin's run up to his final test vs WI, i'm fed up with the hype. I read newspapers it is about his history, i drive my car to office, radio is all about him, when i come home to watch TV, news it is Sachin. I think i had an overdose. Not Sachin's fault, but media's smart move to rake in money by exploiting his fans who can go without food but not Sachin's coverage. Give me a break! please!

    • Anoymous5 years agoReport

      like you were using your time in productivity in writing this answer.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I usually hang around the Boxing section quite often and these sort of things happen quite often, where iconic figures get disliked. you may see people here appear to dislike Sachin, but that may be just to annoy those diehard Sachin fans whom they have some kind of feud with.

    Im Australian and Sachin in my books is one of the greatest Indian batsmen of all time. Sachin probably the most complete indian batsmen ever. However nobody is perfect and some people use even the smallest of things as an excuse to hate someone

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  • Sachin was the best batsman of the 90s . He used to be unstoppable and played not just few but plenty of great innings , no doubt. Adarsh, even i was a huge sachin fan during those times so i never meant to "hate" him in any way. Sachin and Ganguly opening pair is still regarded as the most dominant ever in ODI history !

    The indian fans who get labelled "betrayers" possibly got those mixed emotions regarding sachin in last few years only~ because there were phases when sachin looked ordinary. Even legends like kapil dev said that sachin is unable to come to terms with his "due-retirement" so selectors probably need to take the harsh call. No one ever took the harsh call ofcourse, as apparently sachin is regarded "the god".

    And then sachin said dhoni is the best captain he ever played under . This was said again maybe because sachin knew he needs dhoni's support to extend his career ! Such opportunistic moves by sachin really disappointed me and when you consider that many modern legends have retired around sachin when it was their time , but sachin chooses to be a "Ric Flair" of cricket and wants to believe that he is untouchable. He is soft spoken no doubt, but his hidden ego is getting visible more and more lately ~

    cheers !

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  • 7 years ago

    You don’t need to be a Sachinist to appreciate who he is. Wow. I like that Adarsh. Even if the people have started watching cricket after the advent of T20, I suggest them to get enough knowledge of cricket.

    I have stopped actively participating in questions related to Sachin these days. A book would be published if you gather all my answers about Sachin till date. I myself deactivated my earlier account dated 2009. That was where I used to aggressively counter attack anti Sachinists with all the valid reasons. Sammy’s answers would shorten more if I come out again with those points. But I've learnt that its easy to wake up a person who's indeed sleeping but you can never wake up a person if he's pretending to be asleep.


    @Purr, You don’t need to love Sachin to live in India. But read Dinith’s answer too. Have you ever saw an Aussie criticizing Bradman for his behavior towards his fellow mates? No. They’ll come up with some reasons to support that action. You can do whatever you like except a murder or a rape. Take no offence but in this forum you get respect if you back up your answers with valid points. For eg., a question is asked about Sachin and Bradman. You say Bradman is greater and don’t give any reason for that. The questioner suppose comes up with some facts about both the batsmen. Then, you show Bradman’s average as the benchmark. Someone comes up with his own argument but you keep saying on Bradman’s the best and provide no support to your answer. That lowers your image in this forum. Your answers are mostly not your own but the twisted views of some genuine Aussie users. Be yourself. That way you’ll gain respect. Having said that, no one can say anything if you keep on answering like this. Same’s the case of living in India. Do whatever you like. No one compels you to do anything.


    @Purr, don’t get emotional. You stated the obvious. Most Sachin haters here hate him because of his fan club and its evident to everyone. As for your not waking up to impress others, you can see the genuine users like that. They don’t try to impress others, rather they are onto their own. They support the posts, not the posters. Again, be yourself.

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  • I still remember Sachin Tendulkar's Popular Quote "If people throw stones at you , you should convert them to milestones " .

    Every man is entitled to their own opinion . But there is no point of hating tendulkar as an Indian . May be they may dont like but hating is no valid .

    They think that :

    * Sachin always plays for record

    * when sachin scores ton , india loses

    * Sachin aggregate runs ONLY has made him great.

    Thats their level of knowledge about cricket .

    They dont believe in the statistics or dont even realise to think what sachin has achieved past for India or they dont know that sachin has carried the hopes of billions of indians for more than two decades and carried the burden of Indian s batting .

    Either they started to watch cricket from 2-3 years or the have not realised what Tendulkar has achieved in the past .

    Some indian users like CJ always write questions and answers against Tendulkar to get Stars or TU from other countries . And i never saw him supporting Indians in this form may be he like to lick those Arses .

    Dont care about Syamantak , he is homosexual type . He becomes Australian for few minutes and Indian for few minutes .

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  • 7 years ago

    I doubt they all are from India.

    We cant see the Rashan Card from their profile-info lol.

    Some people loves to play pretending-pretending game.

    Its impossible to draw lines about nationalities, So I drawn one line in my mind which was feasible i.e. people who supports Sachin (loves India) OR people who hates Sachin (Dislikes India), because both are complementary to each other (almost). It works for me everytime.

    Plz Sachin-dislikers do not take this as an offense, afterall we must stand with the truth. Isn't? lolol

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