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I really like Windows 7 will Windows 8 be strange for me?

I like to hack things and that sort. Like Xbox things. Will Windows 8 be a hassle?

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    windows 8 = windows 7 with touch screen support and better performance and other features.

    Here are a few things you should know:

    1) turn off windows smart screen (if setting up windows 8, do custom install or w/e and dont choose to let windows protect your computer blah blah w/e). If you skipped that, go to control panel > action center > change windows smart screen (on the left) change it to do nothing.

    Id also recommend getting a different AV then the default windows defender.

    2) Learn the shortcut keys.

    windows button + c = charms menu. You can get to shutdown/restart by going to settings > power. Also going settings > change pc settings gives you more settings, aswell as options like booting from disc/usb, safe mode, your bios, windows restore, and reinstall widnows, and etc (its under general).

    windows button + x = system tools tray. everything you could really need is in there.

    windows button + Q or W or something else, jumps to search. it works kinda the way like in win7, after you search click under what section (applications/settings/files) and it will tell you how many results are under each one. maybe not as fluid as win7 search, but its far from unusable or bad.

    all the other shortcut keys from win7 and before are still here.

    3) DO NOT USE WINDOWS STORE APPS ON A COMPUTER! they are made for tablets, and some may cater to touch screen laptops or w/e, but 99.9% of it you will NOT USE, and will be.. just bad...

    Use the real desktop software. dont use the chrome app... go download the real chrome and use that.... why use the app version? like really?

    facebook? ok go to facebook.com.... its what you did in windows 7, why would you change it for windows 8???

    You seeing a pattern? dont use apps.... use your computer, like you did your entire life... why would you use touch apps when a new os comes out with the options catered to touch screens, when you dont have a touch screen...

    Its still the SAME windows OS, but now it also works great for tablets and touch screens...

    4) if you dont like the new start menu, replace it... simple as that... its really not that much different from the start menu other then in appearance. it works the same way.

    But if you hate it that much and cant adjust, there are plenty of options.

    And just typing "windows 8" into google, im sure you can find something talking about a start menu application for it...

    http://www.classicshell.net/ is 100% free and open source, and it works VERY VERY well. i highly recommend it.

    Other then that, windows 8 is pretty much identical to windows 7 in how you use it, and what you are able to do with it. Really for the most part, its just visual changes.

    But there are benefits like new memory management so your os uses less resources and has better performance.

    Theres nice default drivers (alot of things work w/o drivers installed, and work pretty well, tho id still recommend getting the real drivers for your hardware lol).

    Few new added things like a awesome task manager and being able to monitor bandwidth usage from inside the os (right click your connection > set metered connection).

    Windows 8 is the only windows OS to continue to get updates to directX.

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    Windows 8 is the easiest to use, technically, on account that the whole thing has a button. However, home windows eight isn't like another working system. It runs extra like that of a smart phone than a computer. Windows 7, is mainly the equal as XP or Vista, It simply appears a little bit bit exceptional, and is compatible with extra applications in this day and age. What it comes right down to is your talents in pc science as well as what you propose on utilising the laptop for. If it can be for typing papers and taking note of music, then home windows eight is an effective way to move. Nevertheless, if you're in to taking part in games and running more complicated program, without doubt, windows 7.

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    Yeah it will be strange for you. But you can do all things in windows 8 which you do in windows 7

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    Naw, since you already have an interest in doing stuff like that the change to Windows 8 won't be a big deal for you.

    Here's some information about Windows 8 to get you started.



    If you get a laptop or touch screen then you'll want to learn about the gestures too.


    - Dominic

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  • 8 years ago

    I use windows 8 and it definetly works for u. once u start using windows 8 u will never touch windows 7 again.

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