How to store wine without paying a ton for a wine rack?

So I'm asking people to be creative here. I have about 30 bottles of wine, some bought some given to me, and I have no place to put them. I am looking for a clever way to store them out in the open where they will look nice without spending more than $30. So using things in a normal household, plus maybe $30 in other items, what is a crafty way to accomplish this? I did look online at wine racks, and even attempted craigs list, but couldn't find a rack that could hold more than 12 bottles for under $30. So I have decided to think of a way other than a wine rack.

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    First of all, wine is not furniture or decoration. The best way to store it is in a cool cellar and out of direct light.

    Bottles should also be stored on their sides so the corks stay wet and protect the wine.

    If you want a cheap way to store them, you can pick up an empty wine box (cardboard case of 12) from your local package store and put the wine in there. Lay the box on its side as noted above. Just make sure to take the top bottles out first.

    You could also go to a craft store like Michael's and buy a wooden box for about $5. Then get a 10- or 12-inch board from a lumber dealer and cut a piece that fits DIAGONALLY inside the box. If you're skilled enough, you can cut two pieces, notch them in the middle, and put them into the box together in the form of an X. Then you just pile the bottles into the spaces you've made. You might want to tag them or otherwise mark them so you'll know what's what and you don't have to look through them to find what you want.

    You could also buy a long pipe or wooden pole (3 or more inches in diameter) and drill 1 1/2" holes at 5" distance from each other. Then mount the pipe/pole vertically on the wall and you can stick the necks of the bottles through the holes. I don't like this, though, because of the light exposure.

    Remember to keep the wine out of direct exposure to light and try to keep them cool (50-60 degrees is best).

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    The main issue when it comes to storing wine is that it needs to be maintained at a cool temperature of between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius. Shoved under the bed won't do.

    Many modern wines do not need to be aged over a great period of time; therefore extensive cellars are often unnecessary. Having said this, if you have the time, space and resource to excavate a cellar, your wine will surely benefit. A purpose built cellar is not normally an option for most households and so suitable alternatives must be explored.

    Ideal areas for storage include a corner of a garage, garden shed, an unused fireplace or a cupboard that is against an outside wall.

    Here are some additional details of how you should store your wine

    Wherever you choose to store your wine, a few basic criteria are worth keeping in mind.

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    There are a few things to consider in storing wines. Firstly, the bottle should lay on its side so the wine makes contact with the whole cork. If the cork dries out, too much air will pass through it and the wine will spoil. It is also important to choose a location with no light and where the temperature is steady and there are no rapid temperature changes. Make sure the wine is in a relatively cool place, therefore NOT on top of the refrigerator or near a heater, for example. The ideal temperature shoud be about 55 to 60. Do not store wines in the refrigerator, which is too cold for long-term storage and often too dry. Many experts also state that wines stored for a long period in a room with strong smells could actually impart some of that smell to the wine. WIne evolves and changes with time, and it is said that small quantities of air still pass through the cork during this process. Synthetic corks are slightly less prone to drying out, depending on their composition. Twist-tops, which are becoming more and more common, do not require staying moist, so many experts say the bottle does not need to be lying down. It is also helpful if the wine does not undergo constant movement or vibrations.

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    I am building a frame that will hold empty coffee cans, stacked 6x6 on their sides. They hold wine bottles quite nicely. I suppose you could paint the cans if you wanted the rack out in the open but that is not a good way to store wine. Mine is going into a dark, even-temperature wine cellar.

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    The key is to keep the cork wet by having the bottle slant foward just a little.

    Get 30 premade "H" wooden letters from a craft store.

    120 "L brackets" that will fit the wooden letters.

    60 nuts and bolts accordingly.

    120 short wood screws.

    Set up the bottles on top of your cabinets, going all around your kitchen. Screwing the H into place raise the butt of the bottle above it's neck. You can screw in eye hooks and secure the neck down with zip ties or twine. You can even get creative with what type of ribbon you use to secure them with.

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    No Rack Store

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    If you go on Pinterest, there are many many many wine rack holders that are as expensive as 30$

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    Try Target or Ikea.

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