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Dual boot windows 8 and keep windows 7 files ?

Hello, im seeking help with the CLEAN INSTALLATION of windows 8

I wish to do this and KEEP windows 7 and my files attatched.

Much appreciated if you can tell me if I can do this or not.

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    7 years ago
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  • reel
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    3 years ago

    Sure, installing home windows eight on the second partition will permit you to twin boot. Opposite to different advice, you *can* create a new partition in home windows via shrinking your present partition. Go to Administrative tools > computer administration > Storage > Disk management, then decide on the partition you want to cut down, proper-click and select curb quantity. Within the "Enter the quantity of area to cut down in MB" discipline, i might endorse at least "20000" (20GB) for a home windows 8 install (although if you have quite a few free house, go as large as you need). This approach will create unallocated house and if your plan is simply to put in home windows 8 there, you're completed for now. Just go ahead and boot to your windows 8 media, pick "customized: install home windows most effective (evolved)" and put home windows eight into the unallocated house (the program is sensible enough to structure first then do the install).

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