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Middle or last name for the 'Jen' prefix?

I'm just wondering, which one of these 2 names do you like better for a [funny] nickname? (Funny applies only to the last name actually.)

Sasha Jennifer ______ or Sasha _______ Jennings? I like both so I can't decide. I like the nickname Jenny for Jennifer, but I love the last name Jennings. I guess middle name doesn't count for that much, but it's still important to me.

I love the last name Jennings too, and I think Sasha Jennings sounds really good. I don't know of another last name for Sasha Jennifer. The only other idea for a middle name for Sasha Jennings is Grace, which I know is a kinda popular, but I LOVE IT.

I can't decide which name is better for the prefix 'Jen'? Help!?!?!

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    Sasha Jennifer Jennings is OK. I mean I don't think it sounds all that weird, and it flows well. I actually went to school with a girl names Merri Merriweather....and she hated her name.

    Sasha Jennifer Montgomery

    Sasha Jennifer Campbell

    Sasha Jennifer McIntyre

    Sasha Mae

    Sasha Catherine

    Sasha Eve

    Sasha Leigh

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