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Are dirt bikes dangerous?

I bought a 70cc pit bike off Craigslist cheap and brought it home. My parents first reaction was just shitting on my face. They said its a waste of money, dangerous, and stupid. My question is how are they so dangerous compared to other things? We have always had 4 wheelers growing up that we beat the bag out of, but that's ok I guess. They are "what if" people. I feel going through life looking at every little "what if" you might as well not live at all.

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    Dirt bikes are not dangerous, but they are evil and mischievous... They will sneak out of the garage at night and leave tracks all over the neighbor's yard, track mud into the house, and constantly drink all the gasoline you leave in cans in the garage. HAHAHA

    Seriously, though... they are not dangerous, otherwise millions of them would not be sold around the world! What is dangerous are DANGEROUS BEHAVIORS, like trying to jump over the house with them. Use them for what they are intended... transportation (and fun) in the dirt, fields, and trails! Keep your speeds to what you can handle, wear protective gear (helmet, gloves, jacket w/armor, kneepads, and sturdy boots. As you learn more skill on that 70cc, you'll eventually want to upgrade to a 110, 150, 250, 450, or maybe even a street-bike!

    Your parents are horribly misinformed or just way overprotective. Prove them wrong by being a responsible person and learn to ride responsibly (and of course have fun doing it).

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    Dirt bikes are NOT dangerous. Its the person riding it who is the dangerous one, and what your doing. Now yes there are certain things you cant prevent such as a rut or a stump that you can accidentually hit but those arent very dangerous. Just remember, be safe, and you shouldnt have much to worry about. But just remember there are always risks to anything and ride at your own risk.

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    haha, no i agree with the other answers, dirtbikes are not dangerous by themselves. It all depends on the experience level of the rider. However I dont see a 70cc getting you into to much trouble unless you f*ck up really bad

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    A dirtbike is not dangerous, infact they are very safe if you know how to ride them. It's the stupid people that do stupid things on them and that makes them look dangerous.

    Tell your parents that if dirtbikes are "dangerous", "a waste of money", and "stupid", why would millions of people be riding them?

    Source(s): common sense bro.
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    Dirt bikes, by themselves ARE NOT "dangerous." What is dangerous is careless or stupid people riding them and getting in over their ability to handle them safely.

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    It is time for you to understand that your parents are defective. When you turn 18 trade them in for new ones.

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