Why does my mp3 player make a damaged copy of each song I put in it?

I put an album into a walkman/sony media player and it appears in "artists", but under a section below it that says "unknown" are all the same songs as unplayable "damaged" files. How do I stop this so the music doesn't use double the space?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Instead f saying how mp3 get damaged, I'll in4m yu how to repair damaged files

    Repair Corrupted Audio File Downloads

    Robert Polubinski, Editor / Informer Technologies, Inc. / October 30, 2012

    Damaged audio files no longer have to be directly deleted and forgot about, as nowadays they can be repaired with tools such as the ones from this set. These are reliable applications that willattempt to repair damaged audio files and let you play these files once again.

    Download solution synonyms: Fix Audio Files, Repair Audio Files, Repair Damaged Audio Files

    These programs can help you with what you're intending to do:


    Ashampoo AudioCenter


    The Ashampoo AudioCenter is the control center for extracting, burning, converting, editing and repairing of audio files! Ashampoo AudioCenter is smart and easy to use.


    File Repair

    Editor rating: User rating: (3 votes) Freeware

    File Repair - a neat little tool, easy to install, very easy to use. It should always be installed on your pc. Perfect for damaged or corrupted files, it can scan them and fix an impressive number of errors. Let's start with the interface, a very simple yet efficient, very intuitive and user friendly one, with just 2 buttons:load and repair.




    Simple ( No ads, no beg screens, no feature or time limits)


    You cannot load multiple files at once.

    No drag and drop files.


    MP3 Repair Tool

    Editor rating: Userrating: (1 votes) Freeware

    MP3 Repair Tool is an easy-to-useprogram with an intuitive interface, which will help you to fix your damaged or corrupted MP3 files. All you will have to do is just add the files you want to be fixed and the program will do it for you. The program is able todelete corrupted tags from the beginning and the end of a file aswell.


    It's very easy to use.

    It supports large Mp3 files.

    It works fast.


    All Media Fixer

    Editor rating: User rating: (7 votes) Shareware

    All Media Fixer can be used to repair media files that cannot be played. Just like when you download any file or media from the net sometimes the downloadprocess is broken and the downloaded file or media cannotbe used because it wasn't properly downloaded. All Media Fixer can help you to repair and play media files like Avi, Mpeg, Rm, Mp3, Wmv, Dvd, Vcd, Jpj, Ipod format and 3GP.


    All Media Fixer can fix any damaged or non-playable media and images in single click.


    iZotope RX

    Editor rating: User rating: (4 votes) Shareware

    iZotope RX is a very powerful application designed to help its users repair audio files. This program offers an impressive amount of handy functions like denoise, spectral repair, remove hum, declip etc. Moreover, the application provides multiple selection methods, thus helping you process only the song fragments that you are interested in.


    The program helps you reconstruct distorted audio.

    The application provides numerous advanced settings for each of its functions.

    Offers an accurate spectrum analyzer with automatic peak finding.


    I couldn't find any disadvantages.


    Advanced File Fixer

    Editor rating: User rating: (1 votes) Shareware

    Advanced File Fixer will help you solve file association problems. You will only need two clicks to perform the whole operation. You can start by scanning the system for file extension errors and their associated Registry errors. Then, wait for a while until the scanning is done to fix the problems found.


    It is very easy to use.


    The trial version will only fix 20% of the errors found.


    MP3 Surgeon


    Main tools: Trim Tool - Trim any blank/unwanted sections from your MP3's, Split Tool - Split yourMP3 into unlimited segments and to any length you want, Join Tool - Join multiple MP3's, even MP3's with different bitrates, Preview Tool - Create any l...


    Ashampoo MP3 Check &Convert

    Editor rating: Shareware

    Ashampoo MP3 Check and Convert is a useful tool for analyzing, restoring and identifying MP3 audio files that are corrupted or incompatible with the MP3 standards. The application takes care of correcting MP3 audio files beforethey are burned into discs. Also, the program offers some other extras for handling and working with MP3 archives. This version supports OGG audio files format as well.


    Very powerful and small tool for managing MP3 audio files.

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    4 years ago

    Step a million a thank you to pass CD Songs To a Mp3 participant placed your CD interior the CD ROM stress. once you are trying this, homestead windows media participant will pop up waiting to play the CD. The third selection down on the far left edge will say "reproduction From CD". pass forward and supply that button a click. Step 2 a thank you to pass CD Songs To a Mp3 participant Now, you will see a clean menu that shows the record of songs on the CD. interior the top precise hand corner, approximately an inch or 2 removed from the fringe of the window, you will see a button that asserts "reproduction song". pass forward and click that. Now, homestead windows Media participant will take a jiffy to pass by and rip the song from the CD ROM and save it on your laptop's no longer ordinary stress. while it replaced into achieved, it is going to furnish you the ability to view the place the mp3s of each song are placed on your no longer ordinary stress. Step 3 a thank you to pass CD Songs To a Mp3 participant discover the mp3s on your no longer ordinary stress and save the folder they are placed in open. Now, grab your mp3 participant and the USB cable that got here with it. connect the USB cable into any of the obtainable USB ports on your pc and connect the different end into your mp3 participant device. this could open up regardless of utility you regularly use to characteristic song on your device. Drag and drop the songs you ripped from the CD in the previous onto this device and practice the ameliorations. Unplug your USB cable and you need to be set!

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