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I m good programmer, programming is my passion, how can i earn through net? Everyone here calls me NERD?

I m good programmer, programming is my passion, how can i earn through net? Everyone here calls me NERD...I m very good at c,c++ and currently i m studying perl language also.

I m kinda of very angry because in my college, everyone just enjoys and makes fun of me so i wanna prove to them by doing something they could never imagine, cause being studious is good but some people just waste their life commenting on others..!!

So guide me what i can do with programming language, if there is any language i have to learn, i will learn please i wanna do something in life.

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    Firstly, ignore the criticism. I got a tremendous amount of hassle from teachers at school because I was 'wasting my time' messing with computers..

    (About 1970 - they were all convinced computers would never be more than a novelty & no practical use...)

    Schools are good for theory, but generally lousy for real-world stuff - you have to remember that a lot of teachers have literally never left school, and don't have much knowledge of the 'world away from academia.

    I work mainly in Industrial Control now - designing & programming everything from tiny high-speed control modules, systems for packaging lines up to massive metal cutting machines that make such as railway tunnel linings & power station generator parts.

    I also do some web design & programming and run a small ISP.

    Only you know what fields you are really interested in and good at - you need to concentrate on those and also the real-world applications and possibilities of those.

    Whatever you do, if you are programming or designing an writing new code, you are learning and improving your skills.

    If you want to do Operating-system side stuff, get an old spare (scrap) PC and install an industry standard Linux release such as Centos (which is compatible with Scientific, Redhat, White box etc.)

    For gaming stuff, get some source codes for older games and start studying and improving - all the older id software game engines - Doom and Quake etc - are freely available to download.

    Smartphone apps are probably one of the biggest fields of fast-money software at present, if you can come up with just about anything useful or amusing, it will sell in crazy numbers.

    For web stuff, learn html, PHP and mysql to start with.

    Also look at 'non sql' databases such as Couchdb.

    Again, there are masses of free PHP source packages about, though be warned a lot of the authors have never heard of efficiency or speed; some packages are incredibly bloated and slow...

    (I've written my own 'page engine' that does about 90% of what one of the big, well-known content management systems does - but it's about two hundred times smaller & proportionally faster.).

    Overall, the same fundamental strategy applies as with any form of business:

    Find something people want and can't get and supply it.


    Find something that's inefficient, overpriced or slow and sell a better version.

    [Self employed & programming since leaving school].

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    30 years ago, loads of kids learnt to programme using the ZX Spectrums and Commodores. When they grew up they became Yahoo and Google and Facebook. Now I hear the industry grumbling that they cannot find anyone who understands low level coding and can sort out bugs, so the result is patch on patch on patch until the whole things gets bloated, buggy and vulnerable to attack.

    It didn't matter in the past because hardware kept up, and the security software analysis could keep up with the malware threats. They are on borrowed time, and they know it, which is why they are trying to bring back the Spectrum days with the Raspberry Pi. I was talking the other day to a lady in her sixties who is still programming because nobody younger and better had taken her place.

    The next stage will be human interface devices which do away with having to keep smartphones in your pocket to lose or get stolen. You implant a device under the skin which can interface with the neural system, so that you can communicate and get information just by thinking for it, much the same way as you control your arms and legs.

    What if there is nobody around alive with the knowledge of low level code to stop these things taking you over should they go rogue, belly-up, or are hacked into by clever Chinese people? What if a solar flare takes out all the communication satellites and fries most electronics, so we have to start from scratch?

    There is an excellent answer above me who goes through all the possibilities, so read that answer again.

    I have one piece of advice for a passionate nerd, and that is, tempting though it is to spend all your time tickling your little grey cells with improving the elegance of your coding, you must schedule in reality breaks in order to look at the world outside the box. Understand how the world ticks, what it needs, what it does and above all what threatens it. Go for a long walk, observing and observing again. Then you have the raw materials for your next coding project.

    Also make time for love, because without it, humanity is doomed, however clever its interface with the machine. Any sci fi author can tell you that.

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    Let them laugh now as in a few years time you'll be making serious money,fancy cars and people will adore you while they will be doing what? unemployed,mooching back with their parents or in a job that doesn't even cover the petrol to run their average car in their average lives. You have skills the world desperately needs, cries out so don't let idiots get you down mate embrace it. There are serious job opportunities in places that need their systems protected (banks,governments etc) and then you have the major hubs if you are in the uk/ireland of say google,facebook etc.

    So what do you fancy being like a techie james bond or bill gates then? little more interesting than mcd's or walmart eh. Look on recruiting websites for pointers as to additional skills you might need or the guardian job section that usually has the more exotic and interesting positions in it. Let them call you nerd cos it's common knowledge these days that they and geeks will inherit the earth look at the people behind facebook,twitter and possibly this site they probably got teased to death over their talents. Go for it :)

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