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素食主義 怎樣釋做英文 急!

素食主義者極力反對肉食,他們認為‘將鮮血淋漓的燒豚,或四肢俱全的烤鳥,一邊以刀切,一邊用叉子取食或以手抓食的情景,誰不認為是野蠻殘琵的行為。’ 同時,他們認為肉食使人變得煩躁、焦慮,養成了弱肉強食的習性。

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    Vegetarianism opposes the meat vigorously, they thought `the dripping with blood fever tun, or the four limbs complete roasts the bird, at the same time cuts by the knife, at the same time takes the food with the fork or grasps the food by the hand the scene, who didn't think is the barbaric remnant 4 stringed instrument behavior.At the same time', they thought the meat causes the human to become is agitated, anxious, has fostered the law of the jungle habit.

    素食主義者極力反對肉食,他們認為‘將鮮血淋漓的燒豚,或四肢俱全的烤鳥,一邊以刀切,一邊用叉子取食或以手抓食的情景,誰不認為是野蠻殘琵的行為。’ 同時,他們認為肉食使人變得煩躁、焦慮,養成了弱肉強食的習性。

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    Vegetarian strongly opposed to meat, they think 'bloody burning dolphin, or limbs, grilled birds, side knife, while feeding with a fork or Finger food scene, who do not think is a barbaric remnant lutebehavior. 'At the same time, they think meat makes people irritable, anxious, and to develop the habits of the jungle.

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