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KOKO asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago


the property lists and to ask the Formosans to adopt the pigtail hairstyle. Shi Lang followed with a large contingent from Penghu shortly afterwards and occup the island without bloodshed. the Zheng regime, whichhad ruled since 1662, had come to an end.

after the Qing regime claimed victory over the Zheng forces, they debated on what to do with Formosa. two different proposals were put to the imperial court. the majority of advisors suggested that they abandon the troublesome island, but Shi Lang advocated occupying Formosa.

the reasons for abandoning Formosa were simple. it was a small is land isolated from China and continued to be a den of pirates, deserters, rebels and criminals fleeing justice. there was no plus side to occupying it. Shi Lang took an opposing view. Formosa had abundant resources that could be utilized, and it could provide a buffer zone or shield to southeast China. besides, it Formosa was left unattended, the pirates, the dutch or others colud easily return without China being aware of it until it was too late.


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