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Are Italian men more open to dating a black woman?

I plan to go to Italy soon and I know there is racism everywhere you go, but I want to have fun and enjoy being single while there.


Like i said i just want to have fun and ENJOY being single. White men are generally my type so I know I won't marry another race, but i'm only 20 and don't care to meet anybody's parents at the moment,lol. If a guy isn't man enough to respectfully stand up to his family if he really cares about me, it's not a good relationship then.We are all human so I really don't get the big deal in why parents care.Mine don't

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    I'm a mixed race woman married to an Italian, living in Northern Italy, and I can tell you your skin colour does not matter to them. they're very open minded people. you will have an awesome time :)

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    Dating Italian Men

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    Italian Dating Sites

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    Are Italian men more open to dating a black woman?

    I plan to go to Italy soon and I know there is racism everywhere you go, but I want to have fun and enjoy being single while there.

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    Your question is somewhat valid. Your presentation is off. I am a White Latino. So does that get me double points? How about if I became Jewish(RELIGION), would that get me in better with the beautiful sistas out there? I really don't think that the black women who date outside of the norm are too interested in race, ethnic background or religion. I think they are just normal human beings that are very open and want to leave their options open to finding a good man. I say more power to us who have no problem with interracial, interethnic, inter religion or any other relationships. This is what makes us Human. Not saying that dating within your own race is bad. This is human too. Some people are reserved into dating their own. But imagine how much bigger the fishing pond is when your options are open? I live in Los Angeles, so the interracial thing for me is norm. ****....In school, I loved my women, like I loved my coffee.......Black and sweet. j/k. At Ceebo........Every race has their women that open their legs up. It's not a white thing. One thing Americans need to do more of is....Travel. We are very closed minded people. Traveling to Africa, Europe, Asia...anywhere, we become better as people. We share our differences. And I think this argument is one. Good luck to you mama!!

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    My cousin is an Italian in the US and he is attracted to black women. He's married to a blond white woman for years, but he has admitted to me an attraction to a few black women, although he didn't act on it, at least that I know of. He is good looking too, 6'4 olive skin, hazel eyes and very nice.

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    I've lived in Italy 9 years.

    Whilst some Italians are racist, most are not.

    You had one person who answered that there are many African prostitutes in Italy and they get heaps of customers, and I'm sorry to say this is absolutely true.

    At least this shows that, as far as physical attraction goes, lots of Italian men find black women very exciting.

    I think you'll find plenty of men interested in dating you. The main thing with dating Italian men is fitting into their culture., Religion of very important to them, as is family.

    BTW Italians take you to meet their parents (plus about 25 aunts and uncles) almost as soon as you start dating them, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a serious relationship.

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      They say that they're are hardly any black people living in Italy.

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    I'm Italian, There is no racism there apart some stupid. I like any kind of women. But I think it's more easy for you to find old mens, Depending on your age. may be you find italian man a little false depending of what kind of man are you looking for (or if you are looking for a "italian green card" permesso di soggiorno you must be married with an italian, it's the fastes way to become italian) many african man come to Italy marry with Italian women to obtai the permit an then divorce from them to form a family with a woman from their native country.

    best regards (made in italy).

    Source(s): I'm native italian.
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