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Should i go to Brooklyn Tech or Bard?

I'm currently in 8th grade and i applied to Brooklyn Technical High School and Bard High School/Early College in Queens. Now i don't know where to go. I looked up Brooklyn Tech on some insider school forum and a lot of the comments weren't in Brooklyn Tech's favor.

Bard would be a great opportunity since i could start college early and everything but it feels a bit rushed no? A guy in my class is definitely going to Bard in Manhattan (too bad not Queens, i have a small crush on him :P ) but he knows that he wants to start things off early. I'm just not sure.

So if anyone goes to Brooklyn Tech or Bard, can you just tell me what it's like, how was your first day/year, what's your schedule like and that kind of stuff.


if i take the polish regents will i have to take any kind of language class in high school?

In Brook Tech is it mostly based on technology? Like what if i decided i wanted to go into law, or teaching or something.

Thanks :)

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    I'm a teacher in the NYC school system.

    Which school you attend depends on what kind of high school experience you want.

    Brooklyn Tech is a great school, but it is huge. The classes are large (the English classes average 32 students) and the building is enormous. There are many different classes, but in 11th grade you have to specialize in one area of study, so all you elective classes revolve around that topic. Some topics are very popular (like law) and some are old fashioned and stodgy (like surveying!) However, like all three of the original "exam schools" BrooklynTech's big focus is science and math. If you are a science and math kind of kid, you'll probably like it better there.

    For both Bard and Bard II, the main emphasis is English (particularly writing.) The school is very small and intimate. Classes are small (the average English class has 21 kids in it.) While there are some electives, it's too small a school to offer the range of classes the larger schools can offer. But it's classes are pitched at a pretty high level. You do all the work required of NYC high school students in your 9th and 10th grade year and then you move on to your "college classes". But even though you will graduate with 2 years of college credit, you'll find that many of the best colleges will make you take a lot of those classes over again, so it might not be as much of a head start as it sounds. (Of course you COULD go to Bard college, where they'll take ever single credit!)

    The truth is, you have to decide in the end what is right for you. Both schools are respected high schools and you'll get into a good college from either one, if you do well. It really depends on the kind of kid you are.

    Good luck!

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  • 6 years ago

    Go to Brooklyn tech. Since at Bard they start college early, its going to require you to do a lot of extra work. Brooklyn tech is a better choice because it's a great school, has a more traditional high school experience, and bragging rights ;)

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  • 7 years ago

    OMG I got into Brooklyn Tech and Bard(Manhattan) too and now IDK where to go! I looked it up I think Brooklyn Tech has a lot more sports and clubs and they have a lot of AP classes so it wouldn't be that different from Bard as far as getting ready for college and stuff. Also, my friend's sister who goes to Brooklyn Tech says there is a major in law. Kids from my school who live in Queens say that the Bard in Queens the kids are weird and stuff. :P. Congrats and good luck! Maybe I'll see you at the Brooklyn Tech Tour :)

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  • 3 years ago

    Bard High School Queens

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  • 7 years ago

    I'd say go to Bard. I don't see the disadvantage of starting college early, because you save both time and money.

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  • 7 years ago

    Come to Bard Queens!!! I got in :)

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