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Why does my vagina hurt during sex?

me and my bf have been together 10 months, and have been havibg sex for about 9 months

about 5 months ago after havibg sex the outside of my vagina was swollen and it hurt when I had a wee

it went away next day..it was ok

but then I was scared to have sex...and I read online that it could be becsuse of the latex of the condom , so then in October I got an implant and we stopped using protection

since about December Ive been experiencing pains at the start of sex, but after about two minutest it would all be okay and enjoyable and free of pain, but if I wanted to wee afterwards it would hurt on the outside of my vagina

since I got my implant my periods have been about every two to three weeks

and since about January it would hurt to have sex for about a week before I can actually enjoy it

now we dont havr sex that often

last time I had sex (14/03/13)

he did it finger first to make it wet n it was all fine

but as soon as he put his penis inside at the entrance it felt like there were spikes n every time he move they were digging deeper and deeper into my flesh and it actually made me cry...so my bf stopped and asked whats wrong

I told him and he said that he felt like there was a sac full of sand inside/like rocks were scraping against his penis at the entrance n it felt weird for him too

can you please help me and tell me what could be possibly wrong with me????? am really worried

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  • 7 years ago

    are you using enough lubricant? are you aroused enough? is his penis clean? how about your vagina? you need to make sure of all of this and more before. if it hurts, try some more foreplay and then try vaginal sex again.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    That sounds really horrible and very serious. Go to the doctor.... NOW .

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