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favorite american idol contestants this year?

my top favs are jnelle arthur, candice glover and amber holcomb


please dont be measn about what i like to do dudes.seriously. i like the show

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    It's not even worth watching anymore.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    What?!?!? properly, I consistently like having the ultimate answer, yet precise now to me that would not count number that I disagree with you, i like a variety of of them (:P)i'm itemizing one's i think of are the ultimate Kady Malloy and Brooke White have sturdy voices-i like them, Kady had an excellent audition, Brooke has had some super vocals presently Amanda Overmyer, i like her, she's the lady rocker this year, this is in her voice. David Archuletta, he has a butter voice(this is comfortable), he's extremely gifted. David cook dinner, i do no longer understand why i like him, i assume this is his voice. Robbie Carrico (different than he left :C), I enjoyed the rock sound I heard in his voice. DANNY NORIEGA!!!!!, he has a great voice, i admire his song selection, and that i admire his approach and character.

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