Nursing experience in different states?

Hey there. I live in New York, and I am the daughter of an ER nurse.

I myself will go into emergency nursing. However, I plan to move out of state.

I was wondering if anyone here (preferably nurses) could tell me what their experience is like in other states? I am namely interested in North Carolina, Maryland, and Tennessee.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Nursing is nursing no matter what state you're in. You might live in an area where you have more cultural diversity and those kinds of things can change, but at the end of the day, people come to the emergency room for the same reasons no matter where you live. Hospitals are not really run differently. The only differences you might run into are that some states have a higher number of nurses who are unionized at their places of employment. . . which is a good thing. You're better protected when you have a contract and union support. Some people are very anti-union, but IMO, as a nurse, being unionized, I feel much safer and protected in my job, and it's much harder for employers to abuse you, over work you, give you unsafe staffing assignments, etc. Just my two cents.

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