Wtf worm in paul newmans sauce?

I opened a brand new jar of paul newmans sauce that still had the unbroken seal and saw something that looked like a worm i first said to myself nah that cant be a worm then i looked closer and it started moving wtfffffff

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    8 years ago
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    sorry that happened dude, but alot of foods have bugs or worms that just haven't matured in our foods. just think , no sunlight , no oxygen , and it grew from nothing to a worm. paul newman sauces is really worm food.(probably a tape worm) take any photos?? i feel america's food is gross. taco bell uses 36 % beef, turns out the rest is horse and soy and rice flavored. just think some one else opened a jar from the same box and didn't see the worms and had a good dinner eewww. every time i find somthing wrong in a food i never go back.. i have found problems with kraft dinner(pile of bugs and box was completly sealed.. baby ruth had maggots, lays chips with what looked like human hair. mayo with a dead degraded mouse, numerous times black dots in flour, and lastly a restaurant called footi gootie served up rat till it got shut down. it used to be 100 % beef, now corporate people have bought laws that allow on 36% beef. if less than 50% it shouldn't be called beef but filler beef. they make it a secret of the ingredients which should really tell you don't eat here. so i don't. all massed produced foods are just preservatives and flavored crap.

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    It is extremely unlikely that the worm would be alive, if the seal was unbroken. Shelf stable tomato products are filled into the jar at about 185 degrees F and held at that temperature before cooling. This kills the bacteria that could grow in the sauce, thus making it "commercially sterile". A worm could not survive that kind of abuse. It is much more likely that the worm (or maggot) came from post processing contamination. In other words, the jar was not sealed properly and a fly or something was able to lay it's eggs in the sauce. A "tamper evident" seal may have been put on the lid to indicate whether the lid had been physically manipulated, but it would not tell you if the seal was strong when manufactured. Sometimes, tomato material gets between the lid and jar, preventing a good vacuum. Once it dries up, a small opening can form.

    Source(s): I am a food safety consultant, with 40+ years in the industry.
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    We raise our own pigs and make sausage out of only the leanest tenderloin. They are hand fed only the finest grains and root vegetables. Then we season the sausage with fennel that I grow myself from a root stock that my grandmother (bless her soul) brought over on the boat. They tried to take her fennel bulb at Ellis Island but were not prepared to feel the fury of my Italian grandmother scorned.

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    It says clearly on the label they use all natural ingredients.

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