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Alexis asked in Arts & HumanitiesPoetry · 7 years ago

What do you think of this poem?


I wait for you with passion

I yearn for you, in pain.

Each day, the rose wilts away,

All its color drained

In the light and darkness

Springtime passes it by.

And when the earth blooms,

Still, it continues to die

My love, I am sorry.

As winter begins,

The snow covers you

And masks the beauty within

The petals are shriveled

By the merciless frost

And you, my precious rose,

You fall, utterly lost



Yo te espero con pasión

Añoro por ti con dolor

Cada día, la rosa se marchita

Robada de su color

En la luz y la oscuridad

Y cuándo la tierra florece

La primavera te excluye

Todavía la rosa muere

Mi amor, lo siento

Invierno empieza

Nieve te cubre

Y esconde tu belleza

Los petalos son arruinados

Por la escarcha despiadada

Y tú, mi rosa preciosa

Te caíste, abandonada

4 Answers

  • 7 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    The poem is very cliche, but the Spanish version reads better.

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  • 7 years ago

    You are an amazing writer and I think you should continue writing poems. You are very talented and I thought your poem was wonderful!! I hope this helped you -Kenzie

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  • 7 years ago

    Wow I really like how you put so much feeling into it :)!!! Really really good

    Source(s): Keep up the good work!
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  • 7 years ago

    Its not bad is all i can say

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