how do i make the roller blade wheels fit perfectly on my incline skates?

okay, i had some abec 3 bearings(size 78) wheels and they got worn out and because of picking at the bearings a bit some of them dont work as well, now i have some new wheels abec 9 bearings (size78) and now they dont fit right when i try them on they are loose and wobble around when i tighten them they dont move anymore the old ones didnt do that no matter how hard i tighten them , is it because i changed bearings

also these are the wheels i bought , the new ones

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sounds like one I have several people do, usually only once.

    I'm betting that you forgot to put the bearing spacers in. They are hiding between the bearings. If they are not in, the diameter of the bearings will be loose on the axles and when you tighten the axles it will push the bearings sideways and jam them.

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    8 years ago

    Why is this under ice skating?

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