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If you ask 10 people to guess a number 1 through 10, what's the chance that someone will get it right?

I know if you ask 1 person to guess a number 1 through 10, the chance would be 10%, but what happens when you ask 2 people, or 5 people, or 10 people, and how do you get the answer?

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    What you do is calculate the probability that no one guesses it.

    The probability that 1 person doesn't guess it is 0.9

    That that all 10 didn't would be 0.9^10 = 0.34867844

    So the probability that at least one does guess it is 1 minus that or 0.65132156

  • one in ten.

    Ten possible answers, one correct answer, ten guesses. Therefore the odds are one in ten, so if you ask ten people then one person is expected to get it right. Of course there are other complexities such as tendencies of people to select certain numbers such as 'lucky 7' but ignore that.

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    it is dificult to predict the chance that someone will get it right but i can predict the chance they all get it wrong

    it is 90% or .9^x x being the number of people you ask


    or 34.87% they all get it wrong

    65.13% at least one gets it right

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