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Just a few earth science questions?

Chapter 5 Quiz

1. The three basic types of landforms are plains, plateaus, and _______. Hint

A. lowlands

B. canyons

C. mountains

D. volcanoes

2. Plateaus differ from plains in that they _______. Hint

A. rise steeply from the land around them

B. rise gently from the land around them

C. are located near the ocean

D. are located near mountains

3. The Colorado River has cut deeply into the rock layers of the Colorado Plateau, forming the _______. Hint

A. Great Plains

B. Gulf Coastal Plain

C. Rocky Mountains

D. Grand Canyon

4. Rock layers that are squeezed from opposite sides form _______ mountains. Hint

A. upwarped

B. volcanic

C. fault-block

D. folded

5. Sharp, jagged peaks such as those found in the Grand Tetons are characteristic of _______ mountains. Hint

A. fault-block

B. upwarped

C. folded

D. volcanic

6. The ______ is an imaginary line that circles Earth exactly halfway between the north and south poles. Hint

A. prime meridian

B. International Date Line

C. equator

D. axis

7. Longitude refers to distances in degrees east or west of the ______. Hint

A. equator

B. prime meridian

C. International Date Line

D. poles

8. The equator is ______ latitude. Hint

A. 0°

B. 45°

C. 90°

D. 180°

9. A person traveling east across the International Date Line would ________. Hint

A. advance his or her calendar one day

B. move his or her calendar back one day

C. cross the equator

D. cross the prime meridian

10. Earth is divided into ______ time zones. Hint

A. 6

B. 12

C. 24

D. 48

11. _________ are mainly used on ships and airplanes. Hint

A. Mercator projections

B. Robinson projections

C. Conic projections

D. Topographic maps

12. A _______ on a topographic map connects points of equal elevation. Hint

A. contour interval

B. map legend

C. map scale

D. contour line

13. A ratio on a map that reads 1: 50 000 is an example of a(n) _________. Hint

A. index contour

B. map legend

C. map scale

D. topographic map

14. A new technology called ________ is used on ships to map the ocean floor. Hint

A. Topex-Poseidon Satellites

B. Sea Beam

C. Landsat Satellites

D. radar

15. Topex-Poseidon Satellites use ______ to draw maps of the ocean floor. Hint

A. radar

B. sonar

C. ships

D. Sea Beam

16. Elevation refers to distance above or below ________. Hint

A. the equator

B. a mountain top

C. sea level

D. a plateau

17. The Appalachian Mountains are ________ mountains that formed 300 to 250 million years ago. Hint

A. folded

B. upwarped

C. fault-block

D. volcanic

18. The reference point for east/west grid lines is called the ________. Hint

A. equator

B. prime meridian

C. 180° longitude coordinate

D. International Date Line

19. A ________ is a line on a map that connects points of equal elevation. Hint

A. contour line

B. contour interval

C. topographic marking

D. map scale

20. _______ make up about 50 percent of all land areas in the United States. Hint

A. Plateaus

B. Plains

C. Mountains

D. Volcanoes

21. The North Pole is located at ______ degrees north latitude. Hint

A. 0

B. 180

C. 50

D. 90

22. The Hawaiian Islands are ________ mountains. Hint

A. fault-block

B. volcanic

C. upwarped

D. folded

23. Earth can be divided into time zones that are _______ degrees apart. Hint

A. 10

B. 34

C. 15

D. 25

24. _______ projections are very distorted at the poles. Hint

A. Conic

B. Topographic

C. Robinson

D. Mercator

25. _______ are used to show depressions. Hint

A. Vs

B. Scales

C. Hachures

D. Legends

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    I am not entirely sure on some but i will give u my best answers.

    1) c. mts

    2) a. rise steeply from the land around them <-- not entirely sure

    3) d. grand canyon

    4) d. folded

    5) c. fault block<--not sure

    6) a. prime meridian

    7) b. prime meridian

    8) a. 0

    9) a. gain a day

    10) c. 24

    11) a. mercator

    12) d. contour line

    13) c. map scale

    14) c. landsat satellites

    15) a. radar

    16) c. sea level

    17) a. folded

    18) b or c <--unsure

    19) a. conttour line

    20) b. plains

    21) d. 90

    22) b. volcanic

    23) c. 15

    24) d. mercator <--unsure

    25) c. hachures

    Sorry, some of my answers are unsure but i hope u do good.

    Source(s): taking erath science regents
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  • ament
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    1. A 2. C three. B true.....To an extent. Aphanitic is just not a synonym for volcanic, nonetheless most volcanic rocks have an aphanitic texture. The term aphanitic describes the texture of the rock. The term volcanic approach it erupts at the Earth's floor. The reply to this question fairly is determined by how sophisticated and trained your trainer is who made it up.

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