Tween Drama: Single Dad Needs Parent Tips?

Any advise appreciated (from females). 13 year old daughter was out 10 days sick. When she got back her 2 closest friends had moved groups. Daughter is very busy and often has to say no to friend activities. I think this is part of it, they got tired.

She was very hurt AND did not try to repair relationships. NOT sure what my role is. What should I encourage???

Work on them. Fight for them. Or just move on to other friends. She does have other friends but not as close.

Any tips are good.

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    You say she's often busy with activities, so encourage her to try meeting people with in those activities or with similar ones. That way, she'll be able to see them often or they'll at least understand her schedule because they are the same way. Reassure her often that anyone would be lucky to have her as friend, with out being too overbearing. Offer to give her rides to hang out with her friends, when you both have time..surprise her with tickets to a movie or something that you know she's interested in, get 2 tickets & let her know one is for her to invite a friend of her choice. Entertain the idea of hosting a sleepover.

    It would probably really surprise her & let her know you genuinely care, with out you questioning her or prying too much, which can make her more distant. As far as her losing the old friends, if she meets people who are into similar things & you give her the opportunity to do things with new friends, she'll probably forgot all about them. & if she chooses to invite her old friend to one of the outings, that's great too! There's nothing like mending relationships. Friends come & go at that age and it's a difficult time for any girl. Always remember to let her be a kid & appreciate the little things..don't let her activities run her life. This is the time for her to create valuable memories & one of the last times she'll really feel like a kid before moving into her teens.

    Source(s): I was once a 13 year old girl, am now majoring in early education & psychology.
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    8 years ago

    Encourage her to make more new friends. It's actually a good idea for those whose friends moved on.

    If possible, try asking your daughter if there are any people in her grade that would likely be kind, caring, trustworthy, and respectful to be her friends.

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    8 years ago

    Be a company to her.motivate her to make new friends.....its okay,she'll get friends...apart from being a dad, Just be a good friend as well for her..

  • 8 years ago

    encourage her to make new friends

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