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Will the KC Chiefs go after more FA signings? Who will go number one in the draft?

My reasoning is that, the Chiefs are signing alot of Linemen which leads me to believe that we will not acquire Joeckel but go after Dee Milliner instead...We would easily have the strongest secondary in the NFL and playing against the Broncos, we are going to need it!


Dunta Robinson will likely be moved to play the Nickel position...We resigned Bryan Mattison

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    I think we sign our #2 CB in free agency (reports are that Sean Smith is in the building as I type this) and I also think there is at least a 50/50 chance that we won't be picking at #1. If we do hold onto that pick, I think we will be drafting OT but not Joeckel. Fisher fits the mold of what Reid likes in his tackles better than Joeckel does.

    I'd like to see Dunta at safety, Arenas is a very capable nickel corner. Keep the younger, more athletic guy at the nickel corner spot move the older, slower, harder hitting guy with experience to safety next to Berry.

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    The Chiefs should go after Larry Grant. While I hope they don't, because I want the 49ers to resign him, Grant is a hidden gem of a ILB. He's been buried behind Bowman and Willis in San Francisco, but Grant is a Pro-Bowl quality player that just has the misfortune of playing behind the games 2 greatest current ILB. He's an UFA however, and I'm amazed no team has made a run at him. Whoever gets him will get an All Pro LB for dirt cheap.

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    They signed Dunta Robisnon who should be the No. 2 CB behind Brandon Flowers who is really good. I don't recall them signing any offensives lineman (but I know they released Winston). Since they released Winston I can see them going after Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel.

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