Hello, I cant seem to install apps on my Samsung Galaxy S2...?

The apps are downloading fine, but when the time comes to install the app it keeps on saying "Could not install on USB or SD Card"

Please help....

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  • 7 years ago
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    You will have one of these three issues.

    1 The device being the Galaxy S2 may be a discontinued Phone. There was a rumour floating around that Samsung may discontinue that Phone.

    2 The device may have a full stock memory. In this case install a Micro SD Card would be good to purchase and install. When installed power the Phone off and then when its placed switch the device back on and it should tell you in storage settings that you have such and such space on the phone and such and such space on the SD card.

    3 If you have an SD card you may to go to the storage settings and go to the SD card area and mount it. After this format it.

    Feel free to e mail me at leecomber9@hotmail.co.uk for more information should you need it.

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