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Best Casual White Canvas Sneakers?


I'd like to decide which white, canvas summer shoes to get. I prefer something classy, minimal and unique that still has a classic design. I've scoured the net looking for the best and these are my favorites! I hope that my research helps others, as well. I'm 27/m, by the way.

Please vote for one of the shoes I've listed and give a few reasons, or suggest another shoe, however, I don't want Converse for a few reasons (owned by Nike, mostly). I prefer not to get Vans because they're not very comfortable and I like to have more unique clothing. The Vans look OK, although a bit less mature and I also like to have more unique clothing.

I like the stripe around the sole. Without it, the shoes look too white.

I appreciate your help :]

1. PF Flyer - Windjammer

2. Sperry - Top Sider

3. Vans - Authentic Lo Pro

4. Vans - 106

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    Hands down, the PF's

    They look classic. Clean style. Not to mention the built in wedge to make you run faster and jump higher. Hey, I was around when PF's were one of three sneaker brands you could buy ...the others being Converse and Keds. That was it. No Nike, no Puma, no Adidas ...running shoes hadn't been invented yet. So it's cool to see the oldies are still making a statement. Although back then they were just sneakers ...

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    Most canvas fabrics are made from hemp, but some may also be made using cotton. Either way, they are breathable enough to keep you comfortable when the temperatures are rising! Because canvas shoes have a fabric upper and typically a rubber sole, they are very easy to clean. Using a few handy tools from around the house like; soap water and a toothbrush, you’ll have them looking as good as new in no time.

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    I believe that procedure will have to work however don't use bleach simply general soapy water. In the event you do get a stain, you could most commonly use xylene for the difficult ones. I will not fade the material. Go for it.

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    well i liked the 1st and 4th one more, liked 1st one because of it's High Quality Cotton Canvas Upper for Breathability and Comfort, where as 4th no particular reasons.

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    i like #2 and #4. while the sperrys are kind of expensive, the quality is great (at least mine are!) and they look really great. (:

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