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What is the reason why America get involved in the World War II?

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    The Main reason was MONEY starting with the Young plan and Dawes Plan which encouraged the Rich to Invest in Germany starting in 1924 ITT purchased into Focke Wulf in about 1929 and to make Money needed a War GM owned Opel who Built Hitlers tanks from 1933

    and here is the rest

    1924 Rockefeller Invest in Hitler and the NAZI party

    1933 FDR Rockefeller's Prescott Bush Lindbergh Warburg of the chase bank Used JP morgan and Associates to set Up the Hitler Fund this Raised the Money Hitler needed to Contest the 1933 elections that Put Hitler in Power

    1933 Ford sets Up Factories in Russia and Germany

    1933 ITT GM start to Build Hitler war machine In germany

    1938 IBM sets up hitlers census this later was used to Round Up the Jews

    1940 Standard Oil IG Farben Texaco set up 40 petrochemical plants in Germany and Occupied countries the Biggest was at Buna In Poland using 83,000 slaves with assistance from Dupont

    1943 ITT engineer flies to madrid to give the NAZIS a New Navigation system for the ITT owned Fokker wolfs later this Navigation system was fitted into the V1 and the V2

    1941 GM starts to Build the US army's worst tank the Sherman remember they had Been Building Tigers and Panthers since 1933

    so the worst the Sherman was the More they needed to make ( Money was the Motivation )

    1922, payments by I.G. Farben and General Electric in 1933, followed by the Standard Oil of New Jersey and I.T.T. subsidiary payments to Heinrich Himmler up to 1944. US multi-nationals under the control of Wall Street profited handsomely from Hitler's military construction program in the 1930's and at least until 1942.

    Henry Ford was an early (1922) Hitler backer and Edsel Ford continued the family tradition in 1942 by encouraging French Ford to profit from arming the German Wehrmacht. Subsequently, these Ford-produced vehicles were used against American soldiers as they landed in France in 1944. For his early recognition of, and timely assistance to, the Nazis, Henry Ford received a Nazi medal in 1938. The records of French Ford suggest Ford Motor received kid glove treatment from the Nazis after 1940.

    in 1939 ITT and GM financed SKF in Gotenburg to ensure that they could Supply all the ball bearing needed to Build hitlers Trucks tanks and aircraft and in 1943 SKF of Philadelphia sent 600,000 units a year Via spain to Germany and Failed to supply the US army more than 23 % of their needs


    Feb. 23-Mar. 13, 1933:

    (The Hjalmar Schacht account at Delbruck, Schickler Bank)

    Political Contributions by Firms (with selected affiliated directors) Amount

    Pledged Percent of

    Firm Total

    Verein fuer die Bergbaulichen Interessen (Kitdorf) $600,000 45.8

    I.G. Farbenindustrie (Edsel Ford, C.E. Mitchell, Walter Teagle, Paul Warburg) 400,000

    Automobile Exhibition, Berlin (Reichsverbund der Automobilindustrie S.V.) 100,000

    A.E.G., German General Electric (Gerard Swope, Owen Young, C.H. Minor, Arthur Baldwin) 60,000

    Demag 50,000

    Osram G.m.b.H. (Owen Young) 40,000

    Telefunken Gesellsehaft ruer

    drahtlose Telegraphic 85,000

    Accumulatoren-Fabrik A.G.

    (Quandt of A.E.G.) 25,000 Total from industry 1,310,000 99.9 % of what was prommised

    Plus Political Contributions by Individual Businessmen:

    Karl Hermann 300,000

    Director A. Steinke (BUBIAG- Braunkohlen—u. Brikett — Industrie A.G.) 200,000

    Dir. Karl Lange (Geschaftsfuhrendes

    Vostandsmitglied des Vereins Deutsches Maschinenbau—Anstalten) 50,000

    Dr. F. Springorum (Chairman: Eisen-und Stahlwerke Hoesch A.G.) 36,000

    almost 1 Billion Pledged and 92% paid remember this was 1933

    The payments to Hitler in this final step on the road to dictatorial Naziism were made through the private bank of Delbruck Sehickler. The Delbruck Schickler Bank was a subsidiary of Metallgesellschaft A.G. ("Metall"), an industrial giant, the largest non-ferrous metal company in Germany, and the dominant influence in the world's nonferrous metal 'trading. The principal shareholders of "Metall" were I.G. Farben a company Owned By standard oil Texaco Rockefeller's and Prescott Bush

    Not what you are Looking for ????? but all true and thousands of more Companies and people all from the USA

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    The Japanese military struck Pearl Harbor without a declaration of war and without warning, causing the U.S. to go to war with Japan. Several days later, Germany declared war on the United States, causing the U.S. to fight in both the European and the Pacific Front.

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    In only a couple weeks Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the USA declared war on Japan, then Germany declared war on the USA.

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    Because of Japan's attack, allegedly without warning, on Pearl Harbor, badly mauling the Pacific fleet. Congress declared war on Japan next day and two days later, Germany and Italy declared war on the US. She really had no other reasonable option.

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    December 7th, 1941 Japan led a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Provoking the US to Declare War on Japan.

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    After Pearl Harbor in Dec. 1942 (japanese attacked) three days after the Germans declared war on the U.S. The Japanese attacked pearl harbor because, we cut off oil to them and other supplies.

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    There was no TV, video games, or Internet back then, so we had to do something to entertain ourselves, and a major worldwide catastrophe looked pretty good in comparison to sitting around listening to the crap that passed for popular music back in the day.

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    usa grew to grow to be in touch after Japan attacked them. they did no longer prefer to become in touch on the commencing up b/c they felt it wasn't there organisation and had to stay out of it. There contribution became into that they kicked Nazi As* returned to Germany. And after that they desperate to grow to be greater in touch in national affairs. Am I particularly suitable?

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    Jewish financial interests in Germany had waned because of Germany's aversion to usury so American Jews lobbied the US government into manipulating the destruction of the British and emerging German & Japanese empire with a view to creating their own empire, however they miscalculated and foolishly created a Russian empire, through this networking they managed to pay off the corrupt & drunken Churchill who waged war on Germany despite being no threat to Britain, they then set about financially assisting them in their pointless struggle which would eventually destroy their empire, the American navy began by helping the British in the Atlantic then FDR baited the Japanese by cutting off their oil supply and they responded by attacking Pearl harbour which FDR allowed to happen because the vast majority of the American public didn't want to get involved in the war, after this attack, Germany ,thanks to their pact with Japan automatically declared war on America believing they would busy themselves with Japan and Germany could be left to deal with Britain and Russia, however they decided to assist with the bombing of Germany and eventual invasion in 1944 first and also supplied Russia with arms.

    In short to help Jewish financial interests and create their own empire.

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    they had to take the advantage and make deals with some nation to take out japan and the soviet union. That's why America is #1 in the world..

    imagine USA did not take step..!

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    Because the Japanese launched a bomb attack on our navy in Pearl Harbor and wiped out almost our entire navy

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