mexico's list of convocados for next 2 games?

gk: memo ochoa, jesus corona, alfredo talavera

def: severo meza, jonny magallon, maza rodriguez, hector moreno, hugo ayala, torres nilo, carlos salcido

mid: jesus zavala, gerardo torrado, jesus molina, hector herrera, javier aquino, andres guardado

fwds: angel reyna, gio dos santos, oribe peralta, javier hernandez, omar bravo, raul jimenez

thoughts on this list? is there someone that you wanted that is not here?


@venado idk torrado and magallon surprised me though didn't expect them there and idk about chaton but i was expecting marquez lugo though

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    8 years ago
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    That's a very good squad. Mexico have their good and experienced players thanks to Chepo's call-ups.

    I wanted Vela to be on this list.

    Mexico's players have got to be training very very hard because in San Pedro Sula Honduras will play very aggressive and Mexico will have to play very very aggressive too.

    Good think Bravo is on this list. He's very good for Atlas and Mexico national team.

    My prediction:

    Honduras 0-3 Mexico

    Mexico 3-1 USA

    Source(s): Mexico can do this! ;)
  • 8 years ago


    Where is Chaton!!??

    Vela... Smh and Bravo beast

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    its true than i cant beleive this

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