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Florida unemployment question?

I had worked 8 months for racetrac when i started i was pregnant when i started showing they tried over and over to get rid of me "discrimination of course" But I was an outstanding employee I never wa late always no time and gave 110 percent so theydid not have a reason to fire me. I was at work one day the very last week of my pregnancy left of labor pains then eventually went into labor i called my boss and told him i was out sick having the baby "they stated it was thier policy to fire me" and rehire me back after i had a doctors note clearing me medically. After 3 weeks i contacted them had the doctors note in hand but they refused to hire me back so i filed for unemployment.

they are appealing the decision stating they have evidence ... based on my circumstances am I safe from them trying to take my unemployment away. Cause its not my fault i was pregnant the baby had to come out and if i had never been pregnant id still be working there.

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    they have a very good chance of winning the appeal, you are NOT "safe" from them taking away your unemployment.... you could win, but they have a good chance as well.....

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    Be sure you are well prepared with this evidence at your appeal hearing. You have many rights afforded to you at the hearing and this includes requesting any and all evidence you need from your employer. All you have to do, is ensure you have the company representative (boss, etc) subpoenaed as a witness where they said they would rehire you back after the doctors note cleared you. Bring the doctors note. Also ask the hearing judge to subpoena any other co-workers who would help as a witness, including the company policy handbook for them to prove what their policy is on this. Lastly, subpoena your company personnel file and and review your unemployment case file before the hearing. You should be successful with this in mind. The more proof you have, the better.

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