Any name geniuses here? I can't seem to find a solid meaning or origin for this name...?

The name is Aidra (ā' - drah). One website says it means "from the Adriatic," but that is also the meaning for the name "Adria" (ā' - dree - ah), so I think it might have been a mix-up. Other than that, I cannot find anything about it at all.

There is an Arabic name that is similar: Adra, and it means "virgin." Is Aidra an Americanized version? If anyone knows, please help me out. Thanks!


Joiya, that is great info! Thanks!!!!

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  • Joiya
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    8 years ago
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    The chances are - it is both of your suggestions.

    A lot of name meanings like "from the Adriatic" have several counterparts.

    For example... Amani, Imani and Emane all mean "faith", derived from the same word and the same language (Swahili)

    It is totally possible that Aidra also developed as an offshoot of Adra (just like Farah, Ferrah, and Fara are all offshoots of the same name) independently.

    I searched a bunch of sites... and found that it is listed as an actual Greek name (from the adriatic, like you said) that is a rarer spelling of Adria.... but it is more commonly the spelling of a nickname for Phaedra which means "bright".

    So.... the best explanation I can give is that little girls named Phaedra were often called Aedra or Aidra depending on how mom wanted to spell it.

    hope that helps you!!!

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Aidra ia variant of adria, or adiran, and does mean from the adriatic sea. Or haidra wich is the original roman name for the sea, Mare Hadrian..

    Aidria means water or sea and tic means silent or dark

    So my best guess would be dark water or silent water.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    - I used to know a woman named Adra. I asked her about her name. She said her parents liked the name Adriana but though it was just too long. So they shortened it. Adriana comes from Hadrian which mean from Hadria. I think Aidra is just a different spelling for that name. -

  • 8 years ago

    I found this for you:

    Your name of Aidra gives you the desire to understand and to help others but, at the same time you can become too involved in their problems and, as a result, worry too much.

    You desire a home and family of your own and have the ability to create understanding and harmony in family association as you are pliable, forgiving, and tactful.

    You love children and would not hesitate to care for any children who might need you.

    Whenever possible, you avoid argument and turmoil because you prefer not to face an issue if it means hurting anyone's feelings.

    You shrink from sordidness and poverty because you feel very deeply for anyone in unfortunate circumstances.

    Though you recognize your responsibilities, you are inclined to put things off until you are forced to take action.

    If given the opportunity, you could develop musical and artistic abilities.

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  • Anonymous
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    Meaning Of Adria

  • Lisa
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  • E
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    8 years ago

    Adria- as a girl's name is a variant of Adrienne (Latin), and the meaning of Adria is "from Hadria".

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