Submarines or U-Boats in WW1?

Im doing a Essay about the civil war, and one question is what was more effective in WW1? Submaries or U-boats... HELP ME!(: THANKS

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  • SSTT
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    8 years ago
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    They are same thing.German subs were called u-Boat,because it's German is Unterseeboot,meaning under water boat,in short U-boat.

    U-boat was more effective in WW1,allied powers relied on Mahan doctrine,which says to depend on huge battle ships.Germans used their sub called U-boat.They sunk more more ships then allied subs,so though they lost the war U-boats were more success full.

    U-boats were more success full as it sunk more ships.

  • 8 years ago

    They are the same thing, a U-Boat was the German name for a submarine. For the time I believe the Germans submarine force was better than the British, French and US at the start

    The submarines used in WWI were far more advanced that the early submarines used in the Civil Wars.

    You appear to have your wars confused.


  • 8 years ago

    "U-Boat" is a bastardized English version of the German word 'Unterseeboote', or U-Boote - which is German for 'submarines'.

    They are the same thing. German subs were very effective, although the Germans still lost. Allied subs were not very effective, as the Central Powers had little merchant marine or navy at sea to go against.

    Why in the world are you bringing up submarines in an essay about the Civil War?

  • 4 years ago

    Royal military Submarines - the 1st international conflict 1914 - 1918 Submarines have been the 1st British naval units to bypass out to stand the enemy in 1914 and the final to return to port in 1918. throughout the time of the conflict, British submarines observed action in 3 important areas: the North Sea, the Baltic and the Dardanelles. C, D and E classification boats finished maximum folk of operations. For a short era in 1915, while it grow to be believed that the suitable anti-submarine weapon could be yet another submarine, 4 C classification boats have been deployed on anti-U boat responsibilities off Britain's east coast, at the same time with trawlers as bait. 2 U boats have been destroyed, however the shortcoming of C29 in a minefield on 29 August positioned an end to the operation. between the strangest encounters exceeded off on 4 might 1916 while E31 succeeded in utilising its gun to smash a low-flying Zeppelin. For the great tale bypass to:

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  • James
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    8 years ago

    U boats and Subs are the same thing. What does that have to do with the Civil War though?

    Are you aware that the first military use of a sub was during the Revolutionary war? The Turtle. Don't know what that has to do with anything, I just happened to remember that.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Obviously submarines were, Germany and its U boats lost the war.

    BTW submarines and U boats are the same thing, they just had different names depending on what country's submarines you were referring to.

  • Mark F
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    8 years ago

    U-Boats are submarines - U-Boat just means undersea boat which is what the German's called them.

  • Teekno
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    8 years ago

    U-boats are submarines.

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