How do I get into a password locked computer?

I just inherited an old computer from my greatgrandfather and I need to get onto it but dont know the password. I cannot log in as a guest and I cannot figure out how to get it into safe mode. In the start up f8 and f10 dont do anything. I can press delete to get to the setup menu but I cannot find safe mode there. So I cannot figure out how to get into MSDOS not that I would know what to do from there anyway. I DO have gramp's windows xp os disc and product key though.

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    7 years ago
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    I’m sure there are smaller downloads that can remove a Windows password, but having a copy of one of these emergency boot discs should be a requirement for everybody.

    There are several free utility CDs that incorporate an option to remove a Windows password. These include Hiren’s Boot CD (HBCD), Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) and Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (UBCD4WIN).

    This procedure uses Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD).

    You need to use a working computer to download the .ISO image, and burn it to CD. You then use the CD to boot the computer that’s blocking you with a password.

    This link takes you to a download for Ultimate Boot CD 5.2.0 Scroll down to Free System tools, and download the .ISO image, then burn it to CD.

    If you don't have burning software installed on the working computer, download and install Ashampoo Burning Studio 6. It's free, and I recommend it...I use it myself:

    Start up Ashampoo and select Create/Burn Disc Images...then select Burn a CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc from a Disc Image.

    Burn the CD or DVD, and use it to boot your problem computer. You may need to enter your BIOS (Setup), and change the boot sequence to boot from CD first, but this isn't always necessary.

    Once you’ve booted your problem computer with the UBCD, scroll down and click on “Parted Magic”, then scroll down again and click on “Alternate graphical server”. Allow it to load up, then click on the circular Parted Magic symbol in the bottom left-hand-corner of your screen.

    Select “System Tools”, then click on “PCLoginNow”. Click the Next button, then highlight the system you wish to log in to. If you have multiple operating systems installed they will all be listed, so be careful to select the correct one.

    Click the Next button. Now highlight the user. If you have multiple accounts installed they will all be listed, so be careful to select the correct one.

    Place a tick in the box labelled “password is empty”. Click the Next button, and if asked “Reset successfully! Do you want to reset another USER?”, click the No button.

    Once again, click on the circular Parted Magic symbol in the bottom left-hand-corner of your screen and select “Logout”, then select “Reboot the computer” and click the OK button.

    CHKDSK will be activated. Allow this to complete and if all is well, you’ll continue to boot to your desktop.

    Hope this helps.

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    easy on XP:

    first you do this on another computer with a CD/DVD drive

    You can get a Live CD product developed by Objectif Securite


    - go here to get their product:

    and click the button: "Download ... LiveCD"

    and on the next page select the version for Win XP

    (works on both XP Pro & home)

    you need a program that can burn ISO files to CD

    eg. Nero, Roxio, Sonic, etc.

    I use this product all the time, it doesn't modify anything on the system it only reads the required information and displays it on screen

    the only things it won't or can't do is

    - Domain connected PCs, because in a domain the user credentials are stored on the server and not the workstation

    - find all characters from the extended ASCII set


    once the CD is created, you boot the system from the CD and wait for it to tell you the information you need to log on to the system

    if the system won't start from the CD you need to do the Delete key to enter Setup

    and change the boot order to CD first

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    3 years ago

    if its xp i think F8 on initiate and reset/delete admin password. oooooooor, the greater logical answer, basically get carry of the drivers for the printer from the manufactures internet site, and later ask your brother to function the printer to the kinfolk community. no cd is mandatory, then the two way. edit - or in case you do unlike ur brother, pull his motherboard battery and replace it a pair of minute later this could remedy all destiny subject concerns with this laptop. you are able to have the means to function customer login to the laptop besides, could be safer than reseting admin, as there could be a default password to crack (do no longer bear in mind this ever occurring to me although) yet customer doens't initiate with a bypass and can be lots less demanding.

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    7 years ago

    Reinstall windows from scratch. Without a password recovery disk (would have been made when Windows was first installed), it isn't happening

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  • 7 years ago

    well did you try tapping F8? while the pc load up,you need to keep on tapping F8

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