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Good Trance/Progressive House/Europop Songs/Artists?

So far I know:

Trance: Above and Beyond

Progressive House: Home-made mixes on Youtube

Europop: Madcon

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  • Josh
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    7 years ago
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    To be honest, the best way to find trance music is listening to mixes and radio shows, rather than browsing through a producer's music. Here's some of my favourites I can think of:

    Andrew Rayel


    Ferry Corsten

    Aly & Fila


    Alex M.O.R.P.H

    Armin van Buuren


    Paul Oakenfold

    The Thrillseekers

    Stoneface & Terminal

    DNS Project


    Ashley Wallbridge

    John O'Callaghan

    Orjan Nilsen

    Andy Moor

    Store N Forward

    Ronski Speed


    Dennis Shepherd

    Beat Service

    Super8 & Tab

    Roger Shah


    Rank 1

    Dash Berlin

    Paul van Dyk

    Above & Beyond

    Markus Schulz


    Daniel Kandi

    Gieuseppi Ottavani

    Andy Blueman


    In reality of course, there are hundreds, but as I said, your best bet is to listen to mixes and radio shows to find trance. Beatport charts aren't too bad, but again most of the songs are trouse (trance/house) and not progressive/vocal/uplifting trance.


    The three radio shows I listen to are:

    A State of Trance - by far the biggest show. Unfortunately getting more commercial (house and electro) and straying slightly from 2 hours of trance. Hosted by Armin van Buuren.

    Solaris International - a great show hosted by Solarstone, with three main themes of progressive, uplifting and chillout.

    Future Sound of Egypt - mainly uplifting sounds hosted by the Egyptian duo, Aly and Fila.

    I've also listened to a few episodes of Group Therapy (previously Trance Around the World - hosted by Above & Beyond) and Hungarian duo, Myon & Shane 54's vocal podcast, International Departures. To be honest, I was dissapointed with both of the podcasts as both were at best trouse (trance/house) if not downright house. There wasn't an element of trance in either...


    As for YouTube mixes, here's one of my March 2013 progressive/uplifting mixes:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Did you like my video?


    One thing to be careful is that some of the songs you find won't actual be trance. Take Armin van Buuren for example. A couple of years ago he produced a load of pop song with people like Sophie Ellis Bexter and Adam Young (aka Owl City). Now he is going through a speed of releasing house and even electro (take his new 'song' with W&W called "D# Fat" for example). Trance fans aren't very forgiving and you can often see tracks get 50% dislikes if producers stray from the genre.


    Anyway, right now I'm listening to this currently unreleased vocal trance track (it's one of my favourites!). As soon as it gets a release, I'll be featuring it on one of my vocal trance mixes!

    Youtube thumbnail


    As for progressive house, my knowledge doesn't really extend beyond Audien

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  • 4 years ago

    Kyuss - 50 million 12 months go back and forth , freedom run , space cadet, catamaran Radiohead - Subterranean homesick alien Hawkwind - master of the universe red Floyd - darkish facet of the moon Rush - 2012 Nebula - to the center Black Sabbath - Planet caravan Led zeppelin - No quarter Pixies - cecilia ann Jeff Buckley - Dream Brother BQ:Knights of Cydonia BBQ : 2001: an area Odyseey

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  • 7 years ago

    Check out an awesome artist called RapidFflow. They just released a new song called Mystery and I think you will really like it. Here's a link to their youtube page. Hope this helps!

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  • 7 years ago

    Youtube thumbnail

    Industrial dance by Gugii I

    INCUBiTE - Glowstix, Neon & Blood

    Youtube thumbnail


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