Would this be anything that you would read/ is it decent?

Alright alright don't judge to harsh because i seriously made this up in class when I was bored and we were talking about Anne frank.

Alrighty. So first of all this is like the futuristic Holocaust. So this boy (let's say X) was raised in a really small town and around close minded people that don't really accept others. With his parents both being in the military he lives with his grandparents who believe in the whole "superior race" and "if you don't follow the bible word for word you will burn" leading X to be a closet gay and scared to have an opinion. He manages to sneak out one day and meets another boy (let's say H) and have a wonderful Romeo and Juliet style one week romance. Suddenly H disappears and X soon forgets about him until he moves with his mother to a different city where he soon discovers the reason for H's sudden disappearance. BUH BUH BUMMM!?! So what will happen!?! Where did H go? Why? All those good ol curiosity questions!

Thank You!

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    I'm sorry if you think I am making harsh judgments. I don't know that I am. In fact, at this point I'm not even sure what I am going to tell you. I am also going to ask you some questions.

    What caused this holocaust? Are you thinking about what happened in Europe in the 1930's - 40's? Or are you speaking in a figurative manner? Are you thinking of some world-wide disaster? It's not difficult to find one that might happen. Climate change is real and it's going to bring about disasters. The sea level will rise. How much? Will wheat still grow where it grows now? It won't. It needs certain weather and certain soil. You need to research these things.

    Is it necessary that his grandparents are small-minded? Or is it enough that living day to day is a struggle? Do you need for them to have a belief in a superior race? Do they need to be blindly religious?

    When you say "leading X to be a closet gay" do you mean that these situations lead him to be a CLOSET gay or to be a closet GAY? I'm not sure what you are getting at. Is he already gay and in the closet? Or do these things cause him to become gay? If so, then you don't understand about being gay. Nothing makes you gay. You are born gay. Or not.

    Think about this. In a world where day to day living is difficult, do we really want more babies? Or would same sex behavior be encouraged? There is a book called Sex in History by (I'm sure this is going to be spelled wrong) Rita Tannahey (?). She talks about one of the three great ancient native cultures of m Central and/or South America. The upper classes bought male sex slaves for their sons so that the son wouldn't get a girl pregnant and have to marry below his class.

    Something to consider.

    Something else to consider: If X soon forgets about H he is not a sympathetic character. Shouldn't X's reaction be one of great sorrow? If you are saying they have a Romeo and Juliet style romance, you need to read that play (again). That was an intense, life shattering relationship. And I am guessing that you are speaking of passion. If they belong to feuding families you need to know whet the feud is about.

    What will happen? Where did H go? Only you can know the answers.

    I hope you take some of this to heart. I don't usually spend this much time answering a question. But yours was interesting and I hope to someday read your story in print. Not on a website.

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  • 7 years ago

    It sounds like it has a lot of potential and I might read it if I saw it, I personally love dystopian, the more scifi-ish the better.

    but I am personally very sick of the whole christians/ other religious people at the root of evil theme, it comes across as over done and seems like almost a cop-out to me. Many of the nazi's within Germany were atheists and targeted the jewish people and other minority groups purely because of race rather than their belief. also take in the fact that some of the jewish people slaughtered during the holocaust had previously been converted to christianity and were still killed. this was truly an "ethnic cleansing" and goes far deeper than religious beliefs

    . Homosexual people and people who were either physically or mentally disabled were also targeted in the nazi's attempt to "purify" their nation, they were seen as impure because they stood part from regular society, not just because homosexuality was condemned in some parts of the bible.

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  • 7 years ago

    I'm not into dystopian literature, but your idea seems well thought-out and sophisticated. It would probably interest me. Good luck!

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