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can ca lotto winning be spent down for purposes of ssi legally?


i/we won $9984.00 on the ca lotto with family members this to be split by joint players. since my numbers i picked came up and our(family) agreement is who's numbers come up would deal with the winnings and give each one their fare share. since i get ssi ssa is SAYING I GAVE ASSETS AWAY BUT I DID'NT I OWED EACH PLAYER THEIR SHARE. i did a spend down report but they denied it. and ssa suspended my SSI BENEFITS. ALSO I SPEND ONLY $5.00 A WEEK FROM MY SSI CHECK which is basically my main entertainment since i'm beridden so i;m not a big gambler and piss my check way. so hopefully someone out there has some good imput for me

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    I'm not 100% clear on what you mean. Are you asking if you won the lottery that your benefits might be reduced? If so, I'm sorry I don't know the answer, but I would hope the benefits would be reduced! The lottery is a gigantic waste of money. It is a tax on the poor and on the ignorant. Folks receiving financial assistance shouldn't be throwing their money down the toilet on such a horrible bet. Call me unfeeling, (or a few other choice words I probably deserve), but I have very strong opinions on the lottery. If you really knew just how horrible a bet the lottery was, you might be more understanding of my point of view. (Even if you still disagree with it.)


    Wow - that is a rough deal. Maybe it's too late now, but maybe it's not. What should have happened is when you went to cash the ticket, you should have had all the players involved cash the ticket together with you. Why don't you contact the lottery company and see if they can change that? I doubt they can, but you can try.

    If not, perhaps you need to contact a tax attorney of some sort. Sorry I'm no help. This is a tricky one.

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    You have over $9000, and the resource limit is $2000, so you are not eligible for SSI.

    What most SSI people do not realize is that social Security gets to make the rules, not the SSI person.

    If they don't get what they want, they think if is not fair.

    One SSI woman won a bunch more than you, took the whole family of a big vacation, now complains that she can't get SSI, 'But I don't have the money any more, it is gone."

    Oh well.

    Plead you case, but expect to be off SSI for a while.

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