What type of laptop should I get?

I'm hoping to get a laptop but have no idea what kind... I'm hoping for something under $500. I know that's really cheap for a laptop, but I don't want anything special. All I really want is something with lots of memory, speakers, and has a decent battery. I'm going to be using it mainly for writing. Something small too, or easy to carry around. Thanks!

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    8 years ago
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    Personally I prefer the HP laptops. While not the cheapest I've owned a few and beaten them using them for business. I like the keyboards and the screens and power life isn't too bad and they are fairly well built.

    Best idea is to go to a decent store that offers several brands and take a look at the models that fit into your price range. Then test the keyboards of each one you like the looks of. Get a feel for the keyboard and the cursor pad and other features. How many ports and what type (number of USB connections, wifi etc). Once you've played and decided on a unit you like the feel of, feel comfortable with and it has what you need, that's the one you buy. There are several brands to look at, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba etc.

    I've found for example that the HP units I have work better on wireless than the Acer units here. The Acers lose the internet connection far more often and are overall a little slower and have a few more problems. But that's my experience with these two brands. So see what's on sale and what you get for your money and go for the best that you like.

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    Source(s): my lap, I've had it for years.
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