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Is MiddleMan a good LLC name to have as a Real Estate Wholesaler?

I hear that when you create a real estate business name, you want it to describe the service you do for your customer. I think this is a pretty good name. The only draw back is that I don't want everyone to know that I wholesale properties as an (in between) guy, most importantly not an RE Agent who doesn't know I'm assigning the properties to my end buyers. It also may not be wise for the sellers to know I'm assigning the property to some, only that I have access to cash. Wouldn't I only want the BUYER to know?

Do you think it would be best for me to find a creative name that doesn't give away my intent as a "whole saler?"


Glenn. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your input, but in real estate, a wholesaler is quint essentially the "middle man." He or she, is the person that finds a property for well below market value. The buyer definitely would "cut me out."

I do agree though. The term, "cut out the middle man," does have negative connotations.

Update 2:

I mean the buyer definitely wouldn't "cut me out."

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  • 7 years ago
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    I couldn't think of a worse name........."middleman" is a negative term. It makes it sound that the cost of your services are overpriced or not needed.

    Ever hear the term "cut out the middleman"? Middleman is just the opposite of wholesale.

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