Jesus walks is one of the best songs ever?

I agree, it's one of the best songs ever

You agree?

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  • soulo
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    7 years ago
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    its alrite but chek these out one of them mite change ur mind, smoke weed while listenting kare bare.

    Mac miller - of the soul

    Curren$y- WOH

    Dj Paul - in my zone

    Asap rocky- weed smoke music ft.dirty dollaz

    Danny brown- nowhere to go

    Tupac-high till I die

    Wiz khalifa- up

    Wiz khalifa- gone ft. Juicy j

    Kid cudi-trippy

    Nate dogg- nobody does it better

    Wiz khalifa- ozs and lbs

    Belly- roll my weed

    Flatbush zombies- caps lock

    Tyler the creator - good knight

    Flatbush zombies- mary nothing above thee

    Flatbush zombies- remember I got money

    Flatbush zombies- laker paper

    Flatbush zombies- Jupiter sound

    Hodgey beats- LIFT

    Domo genisis- clear eyes

    Domo genisis- drunk

    Domo genisis- more clouds

    Lil Wayne- I feel like dying

    Lil Wayne- pussy money weed

    Lil Wayne- good kush and alcohol

    Freddie gibbs- kush cloud

    Berner- wide open

    Mac miller- someone like you

    Mac miller- one last thing

    Mac miller- keep floating

    Juicy j- know betta

    Wiz khalifa- paperbond

    Rockie fresh- the warnings

    Rockie fresh- the lights

    Rockie fresh- roll up right now

    Rockie fresh- nobody

    Rockie fresh- im ready

    Rockie fresh- thick ßitch

    Mac miller- dog pound

    The game- letter to the king

    Mac miller- best day ever

    Lil Wayne- mirror

    Tupac- shorty wanna be a thug

    Wiz khalifa- onifc

    Asap Rocky- LVL

    Asap Rocky- phoenix

    Asap Rocky- Long live asap

    Asap Rocky- pain

    Asap Rocky- wassup

    Asap Rocky- get lit

    Asap Rocky- kissing pink

    Asap Rocky- acid drip

    Asap Rocky- leaf

    Asap Rocky- demons

    Asap Rocky- palace

    Theblkhands- smoke good live good remix ft. Juicy j

    Xzibit - forever a g

    Mac miller- 1 threw 8

    Mac miller- fùçk em all

    Mac miller- koolaid and frozen pizza

    Lil Wayne- president carter

    Eazy e- wanna be a balla remix dj rhyme z

    Wiz khalifa - deep sleep

    XV and the squarians- that bowl

    Mac miller - the question

    Wiz khalifa- bout that

    Wiz khalifa- fuçc shìt

    Ab soul, Danny brown, - terrorists threats

    Danny brown, rich hil (remix) - betha hate it

    Danny brown - errthang (both versions are good, the chill 1 is better, youll know)

    Danny brown - i will

    Drake , wiz khalifa (remix) -started from the bottom (better then original)

    French montanan - Dont go over there

    Kid cudi - marijuana

    The game - ole English

    Kid cudi - mauie wowie

    Wiz khalifa - mary

    Cyhi da prince - mary jane

    Source(s): 420 playlist
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