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ok I have a son whom is 16 months old, going on 17 months, he is in a convertible car seat witch is rear facing. he is 29 inches tall and 25 pounds. now I do know the new Ohio car seat law recommends you leave your children rear facing until 2 years old. I rely am not against it at all, safer the better. now over the past month I have had problems with him crying non stop every time I put him in his seat. I have tried soft toys his cup, small non chockable snacks, but only when I have someone else like my husband, who can make sure he is not choking and so on. but nothing is working. I think his legs are cramped, he puts his feet on the back of the seat and pushes as hard as he can. so is there anything else I can do? I have tried music, car games and other distracting things to but nothing is working. what can I do? and what do other moms recommend me to do? because I am not sure how long I can take the crying non stop in the car for to much longer.

ALSO no snotty comments please. Thank you

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    No matter what you do, do not turn his seat around. The consequences of forward facing a child are extremely severe. To show you the consequences, what the video below. It is about a child who was 18 months old and 33 lbs. He was forward facing and broke his neck in a crash:

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    Is his convertible car seat at the more upright angle? Most convertibles allow installation more upright, as upright as 30 to 35 degrees from vertical. The 45 degree angle to keep a newborn's airway open and most older toddlers do not enjoy being at 45 degrees.

    Is his convertible confining him? In other words, does his convertible have deep sides? Some children do not like the deep sides or car seats with foam wings as it inhibits their ability to see out of the car.

    You could also try to put a light-weight mirror attached to the headrest.

    If you are concerned about leg room, there are convertibles that offer a lot more room. The Diono Radian model offers a ton of leg room in the car. If you get this, be sure to get the angle adjuster as it installs very reclined naturally. I found a picture of a 4 year old child rear facing in the Diono Radian. His knees barely bend:

    The Radian R100 can be found on sale for $200. It is expensive, but it will be your child's last car seat with the harness. It lasts most children around 5 to 7. Some small petitie children could fit in the harness up to age 11. Then after that, you are looking a boosters which are really inexpensive (high-back models can go as low as $50), so after this big purchase, you won't be spending a ton of money.

    Source(s): If you have any questions, please ask on this formum: Child passenger safety technicians will answer your questions and give you seat recommendations for your needs. Techs and parents there truly want to help you.
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    Two years of doing that would make any of us cranky, I know our son was.

    Let him know that there is no choice and this is how he rides in the car. I would get him a bucket to sit beside the seat and fill it with books and some action toys etc. that he can use while passengering.

    You may need to hear some griping for a bit u til he realizes it has no payoff. I wouldn't feed him when alone with him in the car. I had an issue with our son once and it was very scary!!

    Lastly, go see your insurance agent, local police or DMV for some help with the carseat...the usually have someone assigned. It may be he is big enough to face forward now, double check.

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