Transmission of Live Broadcast?

I know that it may seem a silly question to some, but I'm wondering why is it so that when there is a live conversation in the news with a correspondent sent to a country distant from the country where a news station studio is, the voice of a host in the studio takes longer to travel to the correspondent (and you have to wait before the correspondent hears everything of what was addressed to him or her), whereas what the correspondent accounts back seems to travel back to the studio (and viewers) instantly, and there seems to be no delay, neither of the image nor the voice, nor any clear desynchronization of the two?

Logically thinking, what the correspondent accounts back should travel back as long as what the host addresses to him or her, but no such delay as observed in the first place can be observed here. Does this mean that either there is no such delay the other way around, or, perhaps, that no such delay can be observed?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I believe it takes the same time each way, and while you are watching the pause, it happens at both ends of the conversation.

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