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Why do I have small boobs?!?

I am only 13 but my sister is a year older and almost a D! Everyone in my family is short and curvy with big boobs! I am only a 32b! I am more curvy but I feel like I look like a triangle or something! When will I look like my sisters?

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    My girlfriend had D cup when she was 14 now she is 21 and still has a D cup. Her little sister has an A cup, and her little sister is 20.

    But my girlfriend all of the women in her family have very small boobs, yet she has D's.

    It is just the draw of genetics, and you are not done growing yet. Even besides genetics some time sour bodies are different. Like some people will gain fat in different area's first versus others.

    Maybe you will have a bigger butt than the rest of your family, but have a slightly smaller chest.

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    Giant boobs/small boobs: In between skinny/curvy: curvy blonde/brunette/redhead: blonde and brunette small lips/big lips: um no longer too tremendous? Lovely little aspects/striking, daring points: both short hair/lengthy hair: long brief/tall: quick scene/prep: um a little less than prep

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    you may never look like your sisters which is perfectly fine. all women are different and i assure you if you get older and your boobs are still smaller it means you will be better in other areas like face,bum,legs or tummy :-)

    you're still young and definately quite big for a 13yo so dont worry you will have very good boobs. i'm 15 and i'm a 32C and i am happy so dont worry if you dont get as big but you probably will be a D at 16?

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    I know exactly how you feel. Im13 too and am pretty flat. You are only 13, and are not close to being done growing! You have nothing to worry about. People love you for who you are not what you look like.

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