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my step daughter recently got a divorce the court awarded shared parenting?

Her ex husband just got a OVI and a child endangerment charge the children was his new girlfriends even thou the children was not my step daughters can she take him back too court and get the shared parenting reversed where she gets full custody ,you would think child endangerment regardless who's children wouldn't matter

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  • 8 years ago
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    You should post this question on They have real attorneys who can answer these types if question, free of charge. With that being said, I don't think that charge will effect the shared parenting plan at this time. He first needs to be convicted of it. Even if he is convicted, the fact remains that he has never done anything to HIS children. Therefore, the court more than likely will not modify the current shares parenting plan. Your step-daughter certainty can try though. Family Law and child custody are very fact specific areas of law.

  • binzel
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    5 years ago

    All she is is a lodger. She is divorcing her husband not the relatives. so a good distance as i'm able to work out is that she isn't entitled to any homestead as her and her quickly to be ex husband do not gained their very own homestead. you're all one massive relatives living below one roof yet such as you assert it is your mothers and fathers and your self that very own the homestead not your youthful brother so the homestead isn't instructions as his asset. she will basically get his assists and presently the sole ingredient he would have is inner maximum belongings like furnishings or pictures and so on and so on then his salary will are available to account. you like representation's to guard your place and coach to the divorce court that she has not something to do with the homestead different than for being a lodger. So what in the event that they pay some costs that what's expected once you reside in a house hire, proprietor of a house or holiday. I paid costs whilst staying with relatives contributors yet that would not advise I extremely have any share of the homestead. The divorce is between them and because it extremely is a relatives homestead your brother has each and every suitable to stay interior the relatives homestead yet his quickly to be ex spouse would desire to flow out!! She sounds a chancer and that i would not stand for it, the money grabbing cow!! EDIT For have been given proper to the infants, like I stated she has no declare on the homestead and young ones or not the courts can not tension you to maintain her and the infants. If she has any experience she would get on the council record or make arrangements for renting. For the convenience of anybody "do not enable HER stay" it would basically reason disagreement. My ex's ex spouse during the divorce tried to manage him into procuring her to boot with the aid of fact the infants wanting £2 hundred a wk with the aid of fact she replace into too lazy to get a job!!

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