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Stoic. asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 8 years ago

Would you block them if you didn't care a little?

I know we block people for different reasons on social networks.. But how about if that person is not even bothering you? Why would you waste your time?

For example; James told Peggy he was leaving the country and ended up staying.. With another person..The twist here is, Peggy became friends with James best friend Eric though Peggy never asked Eric for James whereabouts.. There is a chance Eric told James he had been hanging out with Peggy.. Eric always tried to bring James up but Peggy always changed the topic. BIG CONFUSION here is that James had all the time in the world to block Peggy and he didn't until he spoke with Peggy's cousin, which was a quick "Hi and bye" conversation, they never mentioned Peggy. The other confusion is that he blocked Peggy but didn't block Peggy's cousin.. Why not block them both I mean he knows Peggy and her cousin tell each other everything. Unless James is avoiding Peggy to add him and find out he is in a relationship. Peggy's cousin also made it seem in the conversation as if Peggy never mentioned James leaving the country.. so maybe he thinks she knows nothing? Because why keep the cousin, why not block them both?

Thats my question! What do you think?!

Whats your Sun and Moon?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Block them if they have done something harmful or worry to you, otherwise it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I personally wouldn't block over a disagreement, as I am interested in persons who can challenge me. I have five persons blocked over the years I've been here. The most recent unfairly accused me of being a troll (and cussed me out calling me the C-word) and afterward had the audacity to demand that I communicate with her. After someone calls you the C-word, why would a sane person communicate with such a low person? So I think if the people are causing you harm or worry, block them.

    We are here for information and fun on Yahoo Answers, right? Don't let anyone spoil that.

    Aries Sun, Leo Moon

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I agree with Aries. I mean why block them if they haven't harmed you in anyway. I would block somebody if they were sending me insulting messages or whatever, but you can go ahead and delete if you want.

    Source(s): Cancer sun Pisces moon
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