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Test negative but still no period?

Last month my nipples were tinder, I had constant headaches, ach body, lack of sleep and felt like throwing up. This month I'm having small cramps every now and then, still feeling like throwing up, aching again, boobs starting to hurt, stomach is hurting (not like cramps) and seems like I am eating more. I'm confused because I took 4 test and all said negative. Please help me

I'm usually normal, start on the day I am suppose to start and end the day I am suppose to stop and my days of waiting is always 25 days. Last month I was 4 days late and ended 3 or 4 days early. This month I haven't started which I was suppose to start either on the 4th or the 8th but haven't started yet..

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    Pregnancy tests are well over 99% accurate ((like 99.99999999...%) IF they are taken long enogh after sex for the chemicals associated with pregnancy to build up in your body. If it has been a while since you last had sex you are probably safe. Check the box the test came in to see the time frame after intercourse that the test company recommends for accuracy.

    Other reasons your period might be late include, but are not limited to, stress, poor diet, low egg count, or some other disease or illness that is throwing your internal mechanics off. Lots of women have issues with an irregular menstration cycle.

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    Well firstly a home pregnancy test isn't always accurate. If you read the information papers on the inside of the box you'll find it will say the exact same thing. Though there also could be the chance you didn't do the test right or its shown incorrectly. Just goto your local doctor & get a urine test to be 100% sure. Its the smartest thing to do.

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    you could just be seriously late on your period but this is what happened to me my first test was negative and just thought my period was coming i waited another 2 days and freaked out and took another test and they came up positive.... your hcg levels could be really low that the tests don't pick up on it.. i would wait it out a day or two and try a test again if you haven't gotten your period by then

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