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子承 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago








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  • 7 years ago
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    My favorite animals

    I like animals, puppies, monkeys and cats, but my favorite animal is a cat, because it will meow called, hairy body, look cute, and so is my favorite cat.

    The family cat named Meow, hungry because it no matter when or want to play, mewing cute meow with big eyes; small mouth; brown body; just a foot; black nose; long tail; white beard and black sharp claws, and the meow came to our house has been for more than a year, I like most of its parts is that the eyes, in the evening when it the eyes are bright, and, also like a athlete in chased the mouse, bird, running, jumping up and is really the body neat.

    The meow favorite meat and rice, eat, it will hide in the corner and concentrate on eating its favorite food; go to the bathroom when we would go the sandpile up digging in the sand, it's going to the toilet to hide; When when it is hungry, it will meow called follow me, I always wanted to take the food to eat it, and when I returned home every day, it will ran to the front of me, I always wanted to play games with it, body and play small ball and it let me touch it fluffy, with samples to accompany me through the day.

    Meow to do something to help our family, as the family can look after the house went out, some people afraid of mice, meow, but also to help our family and mouse can also be accompanied by our family, so my favorite animal is a cat.

    Source(s): 先用google 翻譯大概,再自己修正。
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  • 7 years ago

    My favourite animals

    I like animals are dogs, monkeys and cats, but, one of my favorite animal is a cat because they MEW, also with a furry body, look cute, so my favorite is cat.Home pension of cat name called Meow Meow, due to they regardless of belly hungry or when wanted to playing Shi, will Meow Meow called with is cute, and Meow meow has greatly of eyes; small of mouth; Brown of body; just of feet; Black Black of nose; long long of tail; white of beard and the has black of sharp claws, and Meow Meow came to we home has a years has, I most like it of parts is it that on eyes, due to in night Shi it of eyes will bright bright of does, and, it also like is a athlete, it in recovery mouse, and bird Shi, runs, and Jump up is the body neat.Meow Meow most love eat meat and rice, dang they eat things Shi, will hid in corner and concentrate on eat they loves of food; they wanted to toilet Shi, will runs to sand up dug sand, will they of will will to Tibetan up; Dang they belly hungry of when, they will Meow Meow of called followed I, has been to I took food to it eat, and, dang I each day returned to home Shi, it will runs to I before to, has been to I and it together playing, let I touch touch it hair cashmere cashmere of body and the and it playing playing ball, on with sample accompany I spent each a days.Meow Meow will help us to do a number of things, such as when families go out to House, some people are afraid of mice, Meow Meow or help us to catch mice, or you can go with family, so my favorite animal is a cat.

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