Am i going to lose my cna license?

so i started to work for this crappy home care aide and i got sick real sick and i called in EVERYDAY and they said i didnt call in when i had a message from the lady saying i had my shift covered for the second week and than i had another client and she told me i could take the day off but they werent happy about it and said i had to have a meeting with the union

and i just now got a message sayin if i dont call back about a shift that he will make it as a work refusaul . i obviously didnt grt the message on time but i did leave a message explaining why i missed his call .

vut with alll this going on can i lose my cna ???

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  • 7 years ago
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    You won't lose your licensure/certification because of calling into work. In my state, a CNA can't be removed from the CNA registry. If a CNA has abused, neglected or taken resident property, and it is investigated and substantiated by the state....the CNA can get what is called a federal indicator that prohibits him/her from working in any type of setting that receives Medicare/Medicaid for payment (i.e. nursing homes, hospitals). Calling in, or not calling in to work or not showing up isn't going to be something where you face discipline by the state. If it were, there would be a lot of people without a license/certification!

    Source(s): health care regulatory compliance
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