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What does "Keep your Friends Close" mean? In GTA Vice city?

The last mission is called "Keep your friends Close..." What does it mean?? What do you do to Keep your friends close

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    Basically it means that you have to keep your enemies off balance by keeping them unsure of your intentions: you do that by befriending them, lulling them into thinking that you mean them no harm, then striking them a death blow when they least expect it.

    For example:

    Japan tried to do this tactic in WW2, presenting the US administration with peace proposals, even as their task force was preparing for what they hoped would be a death blow at Pearl Harbor. They almost got it--if the 3 US carriers had not been out on manuevers, they would have been sunk, and the US would have had absolutely no naval forces left in the Pacific for several months.

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    It's a nod to the phrase "Keep your friend's close, but your enemies closer." This means that you should always be wary of your enemies, and know their plans. It was used in the title as foreshadowing a fight between the protagonist and his enemy I'm guessing.

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