Arm and hand tremors causes?

I went to neurologist w a pain in my neck and trapezoid area on right side. This has been going on for a few years along w back stiffness. I had a MRI of the spines which show muscle spasms and some bulging disc. Also I notice my fingers tremors and biceps too. As well as I feel my head moving. My neuro ruled out ms, Als and Parkinson's. he thinks it could be from the neck situation. I was wondering if this could be like essential tremor or something else? I have no family history, 29 year old healthy male. Please any input would be great.

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    I shake too, so I know how you feel.

    Essential tremor is usually what doctors decide when they run out of ideas for other causes. There are a few things you should rule out first.

    There are a lot of vitamin deficiencies that can cause shaking. The B vitamins are at the top of the list, but some of the others can do it too. Rather than checking into every single thing you eat to verify the nutritional levels, just take a full vitamin once a day, preferably after dinner since they can upset an empty stomach. This could take several weeks to show results, so don't give up on it immediately. Even if it's not the problem, it's still good for you and it will actually help to correct for a lot of other problems.

    The back stiffness may indicate that you're sleeping in a bad position. That will lead to a stiff neck and back, pain in your muscles, and not getting enough sleep at night. Sleep deprivation can cause shaking. You may want to experiment with different types and numbers of pillows and some mattress toppers to change the firmness of your bed. If you have problems going to sleep, try sleeping pills. Most over the counter sleep aides are simply Benadryl in a different box, and the generic pills are often made in the same factories and then just put in different containers. (My brother used to work in a pharmacy. He told me that the same thing was true for a lot of prescription medicines for the brand names and the generic.) If you have allergies, this is also a cheap way to get antihistamines. Same medicine in a different box for half the price or less.

    Get checked for diabetes. It doesn't have to run in the family for it to crop up. That can crop up at virtually any age for a variety of reasons. People with Type 1 appear physically fit. Also, while getting your blood sugar tested, you may ask for the doctor to check to see if you're hypoglycemic. That's the opposite of diabetes. The body produces too much insulin or it's too sensitive to it and that results in blood sugar leveling out lower than it should be. There are a lot of things that can cause that. Don't make yourself crazy trying to find what conditions can do that. Most of them are extremely easy to manage and are more annoying than they are dangerous.

    Get your thyroid checked. An overactive thyroid can cause a plethora of symptoms, and shaking is one of the first signs. This doesn't always run in the family. Hyperthyroidism starts showing signs in the mid to late twenties and occasionally as late as the early thirties. The problems caused by this go on virtually forever and can include just about anything you can think of because of how many things the thyroid regulates. Fortunately this is extremely easy to manage for most people and only requires taking a few pills. (This is actually what I have. No one in my absolutely huge family has this condition. I opted to ignore the shaking because I like the extra energy and the fact that I can literally eat anything I want without gaining weight. I actually proved this at one point by eating over 10 thousand calories a day, every day, for almost two months.)

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