How do I fix Windows Movie Maker?

I had Windows Live Movie Maker 7. It worked perfectly fine. I just wanted to upgrade, so I had the option to speed up and slow down clips. I went on the Microsoft website and downloaded Windows Movie maker. Now, it will not play any file I open in it or any previous projects. How can I fix this? I have tried redownloading it about five times.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You downloaded the newest version, 2012. You can still download good old version 2011 (the version that was released with Windows 7) from Microsoft.

    And you can speed up or slow down clips with this version, too.

    On the Video Tools tab>Edit tab you'll see Speed. The 1x that's showing is the clip's original speed. Numbers bigger than 1 make the video faster and decimals make it slower. If one of the choices in the drop down isn't right, you can type the number you want directly into the little box. Because changing the speed of a video distorts the sound, any clip you speed up or slow down will have no audio.

    Project files can only be opened and edited in the version of Movie Maker they were made with.

  • marilu
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    4 years ago

    huh, I even have the comparable concern, flippin microsoft. DONT attempt calling them, did that, harm the bank after like quarter-hour carry, didnt restoration it, emailed them dissimilar circumstances, didnt restoration it, REINSTALLED homestead windows, worked for slightly yet then went returned to crashing. sorry, action picture maker is f*cked.

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