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Is michael meyers bipolar or schizophrenic?

I've already asked about freddy kruerger, but now I want to know about michael meyers.

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    im not sure but i think he may be schizophrenic. why do you wanna know this anyways?

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Seems to me like Michael Meyers was bullied to death right? Well he wouldnt' have either Bipolar or schizophrenia. People who are bullied and abused develop their own disorders. Borderline Persoanlity Disorder, PTSD, Narcisitic Personality Disorder, there are a lot of other ones but anything that was wrong with the fictional character could probably be written off as Childhood Trauma from being bullied. But like someone else said, it's a fictional character he doesn't even exist.

  • Joy
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    8 years ago

    He's not either he's a made up character for a scary movie who doesn't behave like either of them. He's just pure evil.

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